4 Essential Oils to help your Liver Function

Essential oils tend to be associated with aromatherapy and beauty care, above all else. Some oils however carry profound healing potential. Pure, natural essential oilsextracted without solvents or diluted with cheap quality oils are some of the most powerful natural protectants for the liver, as an example. The liver’s responsible for over 500 unique functions in the body, including regulating hormones, filtering toxins, and managing weight. A healthy liver is a healthy person. Here are 4 essential oils that help with liver function.


What benefits does lavender oil have?
What benefits does lavender oil have?

Lavender’s one of the most popular essential oils for aromatherapy and therapeutic use in large part because of how diverse it is. Regarding the liver, lavender helps to normalize its blood sugar output. It’s recommended to take lavender one or two drops prior to a meal to achieve maximized results. Please note to ensure the lavender essential oilyou receive is ingestible, as some are not.


Copaiba originates from a Brazilian rainforest tree and is found to have powerful anti-inflammatories. The beta-caryophyllene (BCP) is believed to be why it’s such a strong anti-inflammatory. BCP helps to protect the liver. Taken internally, 2 drops up to three times a day, choose a variety that is ingestible and which is as well sustainably harvested.

What is geranium oil good for?
What is geranium oil good for?


Geranium contains several healing properties, in addition to being an excellent ingredient for flowering plants in a garden. Geranium’s used frequently to stimulate liver function, is typically diluted in a carrier oil and applied topically to the liver region.


The last essential oil on our list associated with liver function is ledum, sometimes referred to as Greenland Moss. Dipentene and beta-selinene are two ingredients in ledum closely associated with liver detoxification and regeneration. For added effect, blend with geranium, lemon, and peppermint oilsin a carrier oil to dilute it. Then, rub it over the liver area a few times daily for a month.

Other essential oils

These are far from the only essential oils recommended for a healthy liver however they’re our favourites. Lemon is also used to help cleanse and protect the liver from harmful free radical. Peppermint’s believed to help strengthen and regenerate the liver, as another option.

How to use essential oils

What is the best diffuser for essential oils?
What is the best diffuser for essential oils?

There are many ways to incorporate essential oils into someone’s daily routine. They can be diffused or mixed with water to spray into the air, applied topically, and some can be ingested. Topical and ingestion essential oils are generally believed to be the most effective specific to liver health. That said, not all essential oils are appropriate for ingestion. This is always something you want to check. It should be clearly indicated whether an oil can be ingested or used internally.

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