6 Excellent Reasons to give Peppermint Essential Oil as a Mother’s Day Gift

Essential oils are experiencing a huge boom in the 2010s, unlike what’s been seen in the past. Essential oils make for a perfect Mother’s Day gift, coming nicely packaged with scents and presentation any mother will love. Lavender essential oilcan help someone relax. Then, orange essential oil can help a house smell absolutely gorgeous.

Peppermint essential oil however is what we’re focusing on. Peppermint is a ‘wake up’ sort of essential oil. It’s very versatile, highly popular, and also very beneficial to a person’s health. It’s its health benefits we want to focus on, as to why we think it’s a great Mother’s Day gift. The best reasons we think peppermint oil is where it’s at is as follows.

What is peppermint oil used for?
What is peppermint oil used for?


Peppermint essential oil is a highly effective natural antiviral remedy, helping to treat the herpes virus among others. In fact, a recent study published in Phytomedicineshares this essential oil’s ingredients are highly potent against herpes and cold sores, even with strains difficult to treat with Western medicine.

Helps with breathing.

Peppermint contains rosmarinic acid which helps to block inflammatory compounds known as leukotrienes. This encourages the body to make more prostacyclins helps our airways open up and improve breathing. All it takes is a drop on the tongue. That said, always consult your peppermint essential oil to see if it’s ingestible. Not all are.

Is peppermint oil good for breathing?
Is peppermint oil good for breathing?

Repels bugs.

Bugs and critters absolutely hate the smell of peppermint so it’s sure to keep them away. Put a few drops on cotton balls around the home as a natural repellant against ants, mice,, and yes, spiders. If you want to win your mother over forever, frame your purchase as a spider repellant and she won’t ever need any help keeping the spiders away again.


Peppermint helps digestion a lot, alleviating nausea and digestive upset. As a natural remedy, it can also be applied for use in food poisoning, gas, vomiting, nausea, and motion sickness, in addition to other digestive disorders.

Energy booster.

The aroma of peppermint oil boosts energy and increases alertness. If your mother has medicine making her fatigued or if you find she’s tired frequently, try a little peppermint essential oil. Used across a diffuser bead necklaceand it can help keep someone energized throughout the day caffeine-free!


What essential oils are good for headaches?
What essential oils are good for headaches?

A lot of women struggle with headaches and migraines. If that sounds like your mother, know peppermint essential oil can be rubbed on the temples and the back of the head where the cranium and neck meet. For some people, this has helped to alleviate headaches as they happen.

Not only does peppermint smell great but in an essential oil, its health benefits are numerous. Purchase yours and other Mother’s Day gifts from Lierre.ca today.

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