7 Types of Incense

There are several types of incense and each used a little differently from one another. From incense sticks to incense cones, there are pros and cons to each type.

What are the types of incense? 

1. Stick Incense

An incense stick is exactly what you picture: a stick of incense. They are meant for large rooms, with burning times proportional to the length of the stick. The uniform thickness of a stick means the fragrance is released evenly throughout its use.

2. Coil Incense

Coil incense is similar to an incense stick except it’s in a circular coil. This type of incense is used when someone wants an extended burning time. You can consider coil incense to be a longer version of stick incense.

3. Cone Incense

With cone incense like Shoyeido Floral World Incense Cone Rose, you light the top of the cone and the burn starts there. As it’s a cone, the fragrance is only going to grow stronger as the burn descends down into the widest part of the cone. Another important characteristic of cone incense is that it burns in a short time, unlike incense coil and sticks.

4. Aromatic Wood

Aromatic wood is when you light a small piece of wood. This sort of woods fill the room with beautiful scents but require a bit more time to prepare and to ensure they burn safely without issue.

5. Kneaded Incense

Kneaded incense is what’s used in Japanese Tea Ceremonies. It is an ancient form of incense blended and kneaded, and then left to mature for up to five years in earthenware jars. All kneaded incense has a sweet, creamy scent and is heated with either charcoal or a wood chip heater.

6. In-Koh, or Pressed Incense

In-koh, or pressed incense, is made in shaped molds with unique blended incense recipes. This type of incense is burnt by heating it with charcoal.

7. Sachet Incense

Sachet is very unique in that it’s not your traditional incense. It’s powdered or granulated incense stored in a cloth pouch, typically assembled from a blend of clove, borneo camphor, sandalwood, and other ingredients. Sachets are used to scent clothing, are put in drawers or automobiles, and are mild in their fragrance. They are not burned.

What are the benefits of using incense?  

  • Incense helps to relax the mind and body. When you’re sitting down after dinner or are about to run a bath, burning some incense can help to calm one’s thoughts and sink into relaxation.
  • De-stress and reduce anxiety with incense. If you have been having a difficult time navigating high-stress situations, adding some incense into your day may help reduce symptoms of anxiety and help to concentrate on the present.
  • Incense is known to stimulate creativity and focus. If you are searching for new ideas or need to optimize your mental performance, try an incense like lemongrass, citrus scents, or ylang-ylang.


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