Acupuncture point for perennial youth- San Yin Jiao (SP 6)

Acupuncture point for perennial youth- San Yin Jiao (SP 6)

Acupuncture as a Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) has been practiced over thousands of years. It requires insertion of thin acupuncture needles through your skin at strategic points on the body. TCM practitioners believe that there are more than 2,000 acupuncture points in the human body. All the points are connected by meridians, and they are responsible for overall health. One of the most important acupuncture point is San Yin Jiao.

What is San Yin Jiao?

San Yin Jiao (SP 6) is one of the ten most important acupuncture points in TCM. San Yin means the three meridians: spleen, kidney, and liver, and Jiao means the intersection of the meridians. So San Yin Jiao is the meeting point of the three Yin meridians. 

What's San Yin Jiao for?

San Yin Jiao is also called gynecology point because it is mostly used for Gynecological diseases in TCM. Besides, it could be commonly used for menstrual flow, abnormal vaginal discharge, menstrual disorders, premenstrual syndrome, and menopausal syndrome.

Moreover, SP 6 is also the cross point of kidney channel of foot meridian (足少阴肾经), spleen channel of foot meridian (足太阴脾经) and liver channel of foot meridian (足厥阴肝经). Therefore, it could be used for strengthening spleen, enriching blood, calming the nerves, and improving sleep quality. In addition, it can keep ovary and uterus healthy. Ovary health and uterus health are important to female because they give healthy glow on face and high sleep quality.

What are the benefits of massaging San Yin Jiao?

San Yin Jiao is an excellent acupuncture point because different kinds of Qi will encounter here: liver channel will provide wet moist Qi, spleen channel will provide hot moist Qi, and kidney channel will provide cold Qi. As you know, you could massage Zu San Li to keep healthy, but you can also daily massage San Yin Jiao to gain a lot of benefits: 

  1. Firm skin and muscle.
  2. Have regular menstruation period.
  3. It will help eliminate dark spots and fine lines on the face too.
  4. Keeping stable blood pressure.
  5. Strengthen the sleep.
  6. Resolve dampness.
  7. Nourish blood and Yin.
  8. Regulates uterus.
  9. Calms the mind.

There is a saying states that:"Massage San Yin Jiao every day to keep perennial youth." Although we may not have perennial youth, we could massage San Yin Jiao to gain various benefits.

Can I do moxibustion on San Yin Jiao?

Yes, you can. Since the location of San Yin Jiao is not near any sensitive part of the body, you could use moxa to do moxibustion at home.

Method: Insert 2-2.5 cun straightly into San Yin Jiao (SP 6). Using moxa rolls or sticks with indirect moxibustion or hanging moxibustion over San Yin Jiao. Location: 3 cun directly above the tip of the medial malleolus on the posterior border of the tibia.

In short, San Yin Jiao is an effective acupuncture point for all the problems that are mentioned above. You can massage San Yin Jiao every day before sleep in order to keep healthy and have a nice sleep. However, if you have any real health conditions, it is better for you to go for a therapist like an acupuncturist. Acupuncturists could give you acupuncture sessions by using acupuncture needles as alternative therapy to accelerate your healing process. There is nothing to worry about acupuncture needles because high-quality needles are very sharp but smooth. In other words, you will not feel any pains during acupuncture needle insertion. 


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