Best Foam Roller Exercises to Ease Tension in Your Body And Promote Healing

A foam roller is a gift you’re giving to your body. The right exercises eliminate stress, tightness, soreness, and tension.

Perhaps you already have your fitness foam roller set, with 1 spiky massage ball and 1 spiky massage roller stick.

Even if you do, you still need the right set of exercises to get the sort of results you’re looking for.

Try these exercises with your fitness foam roller and see the difference after even a single session.

Foam Roller Back Exercise

Sit on the floor. Put your foam roller on the lower back and put your hands behind the head. Tightening the abs, bend your knees and move the roller back toward the shoulder blades and then back.

Foam rolling in this area provides immediate relief to lower back pain, tackling the connective tissue that links the back muscles to the spinal column.

Foam Roller Calve Exercise

Sit on the floor, legs out. Place the foam roller underneath your calves. Bend your left knee to rest the left ankle on the right leg. This adds weight. Then, slowly roll the roller along the back of the leg.

This will eliminate tension in the calves and increase ankle mobility. In injury prevention and performance enhancement, this is key.

Foam Roller Hamstring Exercise

Sit on the floor and position your right leg on the foam roller with the left knee bent. Roll up and down the roller, from your knee to underneath your right butt cheek. Just like the prior roller exercise, repeat this on the other leg as well.

By warming up the hamstrings, you help improve hip mobility and decrease stress on the lower back.

Foam Roller Outer Thigh Exercise

Put your body on its side and the foam roller under the right hip. Bracing your abs and glutes securing balance, use your right arm to slowly roll the roller down the hip to your knee. Repeat everything on the other side.

This is a great exercise for women who often have tighter outer thighs due to a wider pelvis. Tightness in this area can often be cured with this simple exercise.

Foam Roller Quad Exercise

Lie stomach-down on the floor. Place your foam roller underneath the hips. Roll the roller downward to the knees and then back up.

Quads are a group where there are multiple layers of muscles. They all attach at the knee cap. Tackling this area will improve flexibility of the knee and also reduces stress on this part of your frame.

Foam Roller Shoulder Exercise

Put your body on its side again. Put the foam roller under the right side of the chest, right arm extended. Rotate back and forth slowly so that the right shoulder is running over the roller. Complete this motion on the other side.

A lot of stress is carried in the shoulders. Muscle knots are common. Decreasing tightness by applying pressure helps to improve functionality.

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