Depuff And Brighten Your Skin When You Know How to Use A Gua Sha Tool

Beauty trends aside, what works works. You can’t argue with results. For skin sculpting and brightening, we know that gua sha works.

An intriguing approach to skincare dating back 1,000s of years, gua sha originates from China and Southeast Asia.

Through gentle pressure, gua sha tools like’s Thera Crystals™ Amethyst Gua Sha Facial Lifting and Massage Tool (Heart shape) are used to drain the lymphatic system, depuff and naturally brighten the surface of the skin, while massaging away tension in the tissue underneath.

Naturopathic doctors and skincare experts agree that gua sha is one of the most effective strategies at detoxifying the skin.

Over time, other benefits you may notice are more collagen formulation, a more toned and defined facial structure, and a sharper jawline. Here is where to start and how to use your professional-grade gua sha tool.

Use Oil

Let us be clear, before we get started on how to use gua sha on the face. Always use an oil, cream, or moisturizer.

This will minimize any irritation that will occur. If you do these steps dry, unfortunately, that can temporarily damage the skin. Apply oil first, then work it.

Apply Gentle Yet Firm Pressure

Start to apply gentle pressure, with the ridge side of your gua sha tool down.

Move in small concentric circles beginning at the midway point on your forehead and then out towards the temples.

Use Eye Cream Around the Eyes

The eyes have very sensitive skin. Any application of gua sha here should be extra gentle and done so with eye cream or moisturizer.

Take the top corner of your gua sha tool to the corner of your eye and slowly drag it towards your ear. Repeat this with the bottom corner of the tool, slowly working your way over and around the eye.

Tackle the Nose and Outwards

Next, position your tool at the bridge of the nose and then pull it gently across the cheek. Go downward, repeating this motion until you reach the middle of your chin along the jawline.

Throughout this process, ensure each of these progressions is done by moving the tool from the center outward.

A Little More Pressure

Now, use a little more pressure and take the gua sha tool from the center of your chin and following the jaw, bring it to the ear.

Next, take the tool and continue to do this motion bringing it down to your collarbone. This will help drain the lymph fluid in the neck, leaving you with unquestionably more even skin.

Work on the Neck

The transition from the neck to the face can be abrupt if it isn’t toned correctly.

To create a natural-looking transition, glide the gua sha up from the collarbone to the jaw. Move from the center outward towards the side of the neck until you reach the shoulder.

That’s all it takes! Get your Valentine’s Day gift on-sale this week from Use the right methodology and amount of pressure, and the results will surely be glowy, cleansing, and depuffed!

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