Foam Roller Benefits

Foam rollers ease muscles, relieve tightness, eliminate soreness, and reduce inflammation. Accomplish all this with foam rolling, aka a form of self-myofascial release. Use it in your fitness warm-up to get the blood flowing. Use it after exercise to rehabilitate and re-energize your muscles. It’s your choice. Here is a closer look at the long list of foam roller benefits.

Relieve Muscle Tightness

An increase in circulation aids eliminates tightness. Target your muscles directly with foam rolling.

Increase Range-Of-Motion

If you suffer from mobility issues or if your range of motion is cut down after a workout, rolling techniques allow you to warm up your muscles and nerves. Open up your body. Increase movement.

Aids In Flexibility

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If done prior to a workout, foam rolling can really provide the support and warmth the body requires to be at its most flexible. Especially for adults 40 years and older, when it comes to endurance and safety in fitness, a thorough warm-up is integral.

Relieve The Look Of Cellulite

Though temporary, foam rolling smoothes out the skin. This technique helps to hide the look of cellulite.

Relieve Back Pain

Misusing a foam roller can increase back pain or cause it. The right foam roller technique though will relieve certain types of back pain. Ensure your foam roller is vertical with your spine and not horizontal. This is the biggest misstep is using a foam roller for back pain.

Reduce Post-Workout Soreness

After a strenuous workout, your muscles are sore. Using a foam roller can warm up, relax, and massage muscles, allowing the soreness to fill out and oxygen-rich blood to filter in. Do twenty minutes of rolling is all it takes to tackle DOMS or delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Manage Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a cluster of symptoms and a condition notoriously difficult to treat. A foam roller has been shown to provide some benefit, ranging from reducing pain intensity to reducing fatigue, stiffness, and even depression in some patients.

Improve Your Workout Performance

As a sort of natural result from using a foam roller is an increase in ability to perform physical exercise. Get the most out of your workout by getting a head start on healing and warming up those muscles.

Warm Up Whole Muscle Groups

In sports like running, cycling, swimming, or tennis, one performs repetitive motions that gradually tighten and shorten the muscles in use. As this happens, more pressure is put on the joints, and wear-and-tear sinks in. A foam roller can ease the stress off these areas and ensure there isn’t unnecessary stress being put on places that you will have to use repeatedly.

Prevent Injury

A foam roller can help get your muscles the attention and self-response they need to grow stronger, work more efficiently, and to prevent injury. As an injury prevention tool before and/or after a workout, foam rollers are extremely beneficial.

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