Get 25% Off Thera Crystals™ Gua Sha Tools for the Lierre Anniversary Sale Event this July

July is a busy month for Lierre. This is when we host our big Anniversary Sales event, pulling out discounts and sales we haven’t used all year.

One area we’re seeing a lot of interest in are gua sha tools. Gua sha is an ancient Chinese therapeutic modality that gently scrapes the skin to stimulate healing, blood flow, and better health. Gua sha is getting more attention and becomes a trendy because people found out it's works well on facial massage and anti-aging.

‘Gua’ stands for scraping while ‘sha’ means redness of the skin. Though they’re used today as facial care tools, instead of limited in used for the body to alleviate pain, minimize inflammation, and deal with chronic pain.

In celebration of the 12th Lierre Anniversary Sale, we have cut prices on all Thera Crystals™gua sha tools by 25% exclusively for the month of July. If you’ve been waiting to pick up a gua sha tool – such as S-shape, wave, wing, heart, tooth, or pen – now’s the time to do it.

Though a new concept to many, gua sha as a skincare method has been around for literally centuries. Used routinely, the benefits are fabulous though the skill does not come easy. Learn proper technique beforehand to minimize the risk of injury and avoid irritated, temporarily damaged skin.

Thera Crystals™ Gua sha  crystals made from different crystals,  each with their own purpose.

  • Jade stands for purity, purification, protection, love, harmony, balance, and support.
  • Rose quartz is a stone known for universal love, signifying trust in relationships, unconditional love, self-love, inner healing, and feelings of peace.

Each stone represents something different and used in gua sha, they produce similar yet distinct results. Though the gua sha technique doesn’t change, depending on what atmosphere you want to surround your life with, it may make sense to select one over the other.

Like we said, gua sha isn’t anything new. It first got recent mainstream attention when gua sha and crystal healing tools went viral as celebrities on Instagram and social media captured themselves using these techniques, piggybacking off the crystal facial roller trend.

Thera crystals rose quartz gua sha and facial roller

With’s gua sha products discount, you can maximize relaxation deep in the tissue underneath the skin while improving the skin’s overall appearance and at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere.

Find the best bargains on gua sha tools in Canada. Just because the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it doesn’t mean summer should be any less fun. Gua sha has some of the biggest celebrities using it and it keeps their skin looking fabulous. Tap into those same benefits without paying a ton for an exclusive high-priced facial cream that doesn’t work or a needlessly overpriced spa treatment.

Stop by this July. Don’t wait. The best sales are here as long as our inventory’s in stock. This might be your last chance in 2020 to score record-low discounts on the hottest gua sha products.

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