How Do I Choose A Jumping Rope

Jump rope, or jump rope training, is an easy form of cardio to learn how to do properly. An excellent way to burn calories, get your steps in, and strengthen your lower body, jump rope is underrated but here are some things to remember.

  • It’s easy to learn good form. With that, you minimize the risk of injuries and strengthen connective tissue
  • Jumping rope is one of the most effective cardio workouts, burning over 1,000 calories every hour for the average person. This greatly exceeds what you burn walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, or rowing.
  • Peloton is a very popular home workout right now but it is also insanely expensive. A jumping rope is much more affordable and just as effective, arguably more so in burning calories.

It all starts with choosing the right jumping rope. Here’s how you do that.

Different Types of Jumping Rope

Lierre Cable Jump Rope

Yes, that’s right. There are different types of jumping rope. It’s not a one-size-fits-all.

If you want a jumping rope for losing weight, consider a rope with some added weight. A weighted jumping rope isn’t wholly necessary for weight loss but it will certainly help.

If you want a jumping rope for strength training, you will want a rope that’s even heavier. A 1-2 pound jumping rope is perfect for this. They do make them heavier, if you care to seek out that style of rope.

Also, unlike a lot of other fitness accessories, you don’t have to worry about portability. Jumping ropes are always portable. There may be some specific design features though that make a jumping rope more convenient to carry.

The look and feel of a jumping rope is important. You don’t want something that looks like a children’s toy. A professional, fitness-friendly aesthetic is important. Fortunately, a lot of adult jumping ropes are styled in this way.

Would you believe some jumping ropes have a digital component – it’s true! Some jump ropes sync up to a smartphone app, allowing you to monitor your performance and record key performance metrics to track your progress.

What’s the Right Jumping Rope For A Beginner?

You may go grabbing a plastic PVC rope at a local store and think that’s good enough.

Unfortunately, lightweight PVC jumping rope does not make for the best exercise. Learning jumping rope technique is difficult because the rope is so light. Timing jumps is tougher to do. Frustration and trip-ups are common.

The best thing you do can in learning how to jump rope is to never use a cheap PVC rope. A professional-grade jumping rope for exercise or a weighted jumping rope is best for learning coordination, strength, and how to get the most from your workout.

Through high-quality jumping rope for fitness, you get a better grasp on how the rope moves around your body and can adjust rotations better allowing you to customize your workout. Choosing a jumping rope with this in mind makes things a lot easier.

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