How-to Safety Tips for Gua Sha and Doing It At Home

Practicing facial gua sha at home presents some challenges if you haven’t done it before.

An ancient yet modern health and beauty treatment, gua sha carries with it dozens of benefits although these rely on proper application.

Safety isn’t a big concern with gua sha. There are no risks to gua sha, other than you may excessively irritate the skin.

Should you do that on your back or shoulder, it can easily be covered and dealing with the discomfort is usually not a problem.

When it’s on your face, those marks are impossible to hide. You have to walk around all day sporting these irritations.

In this article, we share a few gua sha safety tips for at-home use to ensure you’re on the right track.

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Use A Light Oil or Cream

To perform gua sha, the tool should glide over the skin. This requires a light oil or cream. always use an oil or lotion instead of on dry skin.

Hold At a 30 Degree Angle

Hold your tool at a 30 degree angle slanted towards your chest. Place it at the midline.

Always Stay Lateral

Use light pressure and stay lateral. Drag a tool from the center out towards the armpit. This is lymphatic drainage 101. Repeat 3-7 times. Then, do it on the other side. Many women report hearing a crunch while this is happening. If so, don’t panic. This is the fascia in the chest that’s breaking up and loosening. Be consistent and light. You want to increase circulation without causing a rash.

Move Upwards

From there, go up the sides of the neck to the jaw line. Once again, be gentle. Don’t damage the arteries or veins here. End each stroke with a wiggle. This will help stimulate the lymphatic system. Repeat once again 3-7 times. Repeat on both sides and then do the same moving from the midline on the jaw to the joint on the mandible. Always no lateral. Never – ever! – go back and forth.

Continue Moving Upwards

Move up to the cheekbone and continue using the same pressure. Move gently around eyes, nose, and mouth. Remember to always move from the center out. Around the smaller parts of your face – such as the eyes, nose, and mouth – use the smaller side of your gua sha tool. To complete your gua sha treatment, go over the brow and sweep up to the hairline and then outwards.

Find gua sha tools and other beauty and healthcare tools Black Friday Deals from See natural ways to calm anxiety, relax muscles, and improve the elasticity in your skin. As long it treatment is done safely and it isn’t overdone early on, the results can be addictive!

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