Silicone Cupping Sets for Massage from Lierre Canada

Cupping therapy has been a popular form of medicine in China for thousands of years. During the process, a therapist puts something flammable in a cup and sets it on fire and puts the cup on your skin when the fire goes out. Normally, the cups are made of glass, bamboo or Earthenware, which are fragile and inflexible. The development of modern materials has made it possible to use silicone cups which are portable, pliable and unbreakable.

Traditionally, therapists use fire to remove oxygen from the cup to create suction, but when you use silicone cups for massage, you just need to squeeze the cups to create vacuum and the amount of vacuum is controlled by yourself by varying the compression of the cups. After squeezing, the suction of the cups can pull up your skin and tissues. Unlike manual tissue massage, which presses down on the tissue, cupping massage pulls up the tissue without pain.


Silicone cupping sets for cupping massage therapy from Lierre Canada

When you use a silicone cup for massage, you can keep the cup in one place or move it from place to place on your skin by using massage oils, gels, lotions, or balms, which are available at The movement of cups can reach up to 4 inches inside your tissues and this process makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.   The elasticity of silicone enables silicone cups to work well in those difficult curved areas of the body, such as ankles, knees and wrists. One set of silicone cupping contains several cups of different sizes and shapes that can be applied on almost everywhere on your body, including the legs, back, abdomen, chest, arms, neck and even your face.

 Benefits of cupping massage:

  • Cupping massage is affordable. The silicone cupping set offered by Lierre costs less than a single massage session. Most importantly, once you buy a set of silicone cupping, you can use it for a remarkably long time since it’s never broken.
  • Cupping massage is helpful for chronic pains especially for the sports-related injuries, and the effect lasts longer than any other massage modalities.
  • Cupping massage is also beneficial in drawing out inflammation and relieving cold, flu, fatigue and anxiety.
  Lierre offers various types of silicone cups and silicone cupping sets. You can also find tons of accessories or massage supplies at Lierre.