Disposable Paper Sheet PackDisposable Paper Sheet Pack
Massage sheets are essential to any practice – they protect your equipment, make clients more comfortable, and become a defining element of décor in your space. Choosing the right style, then, can make your life a lot easier.
The first thing to consider, of course, is whether or not you’d rather have disposable paper sheet or flannel table sheets.
Though cloth table sheets are more comfortable, environmentally friendly and sustainable, they can also be a lot more work. Disposable sheets also have the advantage of being far more hygienic, and therefore safer for more involved treatments.
Flannel flat table sheet, polyester 62"x84"

Flannel flat table sheet, polyester 62"x84"


This key word can mean a few things. For one, adaptable sheets can keep patients warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.  Adaptability could also mean buying disposable poly sheets if you have many appointments back to back. In any case, it’s worth thinking about what type of sheets you’d rather have in the long term, season after season.


Of course, cloth table sheets will last longer than disposable ones. Other factors influencing durability are the type of fibre used, and the type of knit or weave. Jersey massage table sheets will tend to last longer than flannel massage table sheets, though flannel is softer, and polyester sheets will tend to last longer than cotton ones, though cotton is more breathable.


Though obviously related to the ticket price of an item, cost can also vary depending on durability and adaptability; if you constantly have to buy new massage table sheets to prepare yourself for new treatments, it’s going to cost you more in the long run.

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