Use A Foam Roller to Get Rid of Sore Muscles And Speed Up Your Workout Recovery

What A Foam Roller Does

As you fine-tune your workout and health, you may come to find your muscle recovery’s not ideally where you want it to be. As tough as you may work in the gym, being strong and healthy is just as much about what you do to recover from those workouts as it is about the workouts themselves.

A fitness foam roller is one of the best ways to get rid of soreness and aid in muscle recovery.

A foam roller promotes blood flow. As you roll your body across the fitness foam roller, you find yourself releasing tension that has built up over the course of your workout. You can do this for your leg and back muscles, using different sizes and shapes of foam rollers to stimulate these regions.

It’s a very affordable workout accessory that any serious weight-lifter should have or anyone maintaining their health in the face of injuries. As uncomfortable as it is the first time you use it, foam rolling post-workout or later that night can save you a ton of soreness and keep you comfortable while recovering and readying your body for its next bout of exercise.

In a way, it’s like a targeted warm-up or warm-down. You physically bend, flex, and move the muscle.

How To Use A Foam Roller

How to use a fitness foam roller is fairly straightforward. You use the weight of your body and roll your muscles over the tube-shaped design.

With a foam roller, you will notice it’s not smooth. That’s because it has raised knobs and trigger points designed to help loosen knots and tension. To this point, if you’re a beginner with foam rolling and have tired or tense muscles, go slow. It can be painful at times but well worth the process.

Don’t let the discomfort dissuade you. It’s a good thing. You’re aiding self-myofascial release. Tissue around your muscles, joints, and internal organs that could be tangled from stress are releasing and unbinding. With this, you’re regaining flexibility and range-of-motion. You’re effectively forcing your muscles and body to relax.

You can also use foam rolling as a pre-workout tool to get your joints and muscles warmed up.

Where to Buy The Best Fitness Foam Rollers

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