What’s Special About A Microplush Blanket

A warm, breathable microplush blanket. It sounds just about perfect. Microplush is a type of material that’s commonly used as a duvet cover, in weighted blankets, thermal blankets, and for massage table blankets.

What is Microplush?

Microplush is not a new material. It has in fact been around since the mid-1960s, a registered trademark of Monterey Mills and Denali. Originally, microplush was used in knitted fabrics of fine acrylic fibers. Today, it’s used frequently in industrial and domestic environments including in massage clinics and healthcare settings.

What Does Microplush Feel Like?

Microplush is a single-sided fabric. It is soft, velvet-like. A knitted pile fabric, it unfortunately does not wick away moisture however does retain warmth more effectively than fleece. Some microplush blankets have raised patterns similar to chenille. The most common microplush products include blankets as well as shams, bed skirts, and throws.

Is Microplush Better Than Fleece?

Fleece has a reputation for being lightweight and as a sort of cheaper alternative to very expensive wool. Meanwhile, plush is tactile, comfortable, and luxurious. Microplush sort of combines the best of both fleece and plush in a single blanket.

Why Are Microplush Blankets A Must-Have for Massage Tables?

A massage is all about being comfortable and relaxing. A massage therapist wants not only the table to be comfortable but anything their skin comes into contact with to be similar. A high-quality microplush blanket is so soft and luxurious on the skin. You will be shocked by how comfortable it feels just in your hands. So much so that you’ll want to take it home with you!

What Are the Features of A Microplush Blanket?

There are many massage blankets in Canada but a microplush blanket is something special.

Lierre.ca’s Microplush Blanket is made from 100% polyester microfiber fabric, measures 60 by 90 inches, and drapes over a massage table perfectly.

There are cheap knock-offs of this blanket purchasable online but they are low-quality and aren’t as soft. If you’re running into issues like clients being too warm at first or sweaty then cold, or like they can’t regulate a comfortable temperature, try a microplush blanket.

Is it Difficult to Take Care of Microplush?

A big advantage to massage clinics is how easy it is to take care of microplush. If you want a blanket for a massage table, this may be your best bet. Microplush is stain-resistant, mildew-resistant, and odor-resistant. It can be washed by machine and is colorfast, a true ideal blanket for massage offices everywhere.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, soft massage table blanket that compares to fleece, a microplush blanket certainly fits the profile. You will be impressed by how soft and silky it feels, and your clients will be equally pleased coming into contact with a blanket like this. Get yours today from Lierre.ca.

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