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Instrument Aided Soft Tissue Manipulation, also known as ‘IASTM’, is used by physiotherapists all over the world. IASTM techniques are designed to produce healing in the body. How this is accomplished is by breaking down the capillary beds. When this happens, nutrition is brought in circulation to the injured area’s tissues.

The greatest effects of IASTM therapy are achieved by clinicians who recognize the facial connections that line the body up and down. Instead of spot treating, if one is aware of the relationships and connection in the body, one can treat an entire area or limb rather easily. An example of this is, when treating an elbow problem, a practitioner will oftentimes treat up at the shoulder and down to the wrist or hand. This strengthens the healing capacity within the arm, helping the elbow heal and stabilize.

Retrived from: What is IASTM? - Dr. Nikita Vizniak

To maximize the results of IASTM therapy, it is generally recommended to combine with a physiotherapy exercise. To this point, IASTM therapy does not replace physio but in fact, will enhance the benefits of it. What exercise will do to the tissue is stress them, remodel them, and create new movement patterns when combined with IASTM therapy.

IASTM therapy has been indicated for a wide variety of physical condition. Originally, it was designed to help tendonitis, tendonosis, and tendonopathy, and it was very successful at this. Further study of IASTM therapy and the use of stainless steel gua sha instruments found that it effective on far more health issues and symptoms. Patients with athletic or sports injuries, strains and sprains, arthritic joints, chronic pain, muscle issues, myofascial dysfunction, and persons struggling post-surgery with scar and incision healing have all found benefit using IASTM therapy.

What is IASTM therapy?

Are there side effects of IASTM therapy? Yes, but they are few. Mild bruising can occur, delayed onset muscle soreness is common among first-timers, a patient may feel warmth more readily during a treatment and/or immediately afterwards, and you may have some tingling. All these signs are evidence it’s working like it would.

IASTM therapy is performed with gua sha accessories, available for purchase from Lierre. Manufactured from medical grade stainless steel, and free from any heavy metals or toxic chemicals, you can use gua sha products in IASTM therapies alongside chiropractic work or physical therapy.

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Regardless of where you receive your tools, more and more physiotherapy patients are asking about gua sha and IASTM. It’s proving to be an efficient, effective treatment easily added to almost any physiotherapy plan. If you’re unsure about it, don’t be. Acupuncturists, massage therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, and some osteopathic doctors are either already offering IASTM therapy or are currently learning how to do it. Learn them and get your own gua sha tools from Canada’s own Lierre.

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