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Where do you find the best hand sanitizer in Canada for COVID-19 – not on retail shelves, evidently. Looking for even a store-brand hand sanitizer, one finds their favourite retailer’s probably fully sold out.

This doesn’t mean you can’t find hand sanitizer anywhere. You just have to look in perhaps unexpected places. Lierre.ca is an eCommerce platform in Canada known for medical disinfectants, alternative medicine, and over-the-counter natural health solutions.

There’s still a lot to learn about COVID-19 and how it spreads but experts agree that hand sanitizer’s a key weapon in the fight to stave off spread. At Lierre.ca, you will find several disinfectants and alcohol-containing hand sanitizers which is exactly what you need. 2 types of alcohol based hand sanitizers are strongly recommenced by Lierre: Divine Essence hand sanitizer and Bleu Lavender hand sanitizer. Both of them are produced in Quebec and with featured ingredients of organic essential oils. These highlighted ingredients help to protect and moisturize hands.

Bleu Lavender Hand Sanitizer

When you go to buy hand sanitizer online, ensure it contains at least 60 percent alcohol. Any alcohol-free sanitizer isn’t going to do much to kill coronavirus. Alcohol is the magic ingredient. According to the recommendations, anything less than 60% alcohol content may only stunt bacterial growth rather than striking it dead. No half-measures when it comes to a virus like coronavirus.

Purgerme Antibacterial Alcohol Hand Gel is one of the better hand sanitizers in Canada. It contains 70% ethanol alcohol, meeting and exceeding the current guidelines on COVID-19 sanitizers.

No water needed – that’s the great thing about carrying a hand sanitizer on your person. Whenever you like, pull it out, squeeze a small amount in your hands, and rub them together. Sanitizer’s going to dry on your ends and kill any virus on your hands.

Although other measures, such as social distancing, are playing an equally important role in minimizing the spread of coronavirus, experts estimate that hand rub sanitizer alone can be responsible for a reduced rate of infection by as much as 21 percent.

Even if your local stores are sold out and aren’t carrying bulk hand sanitizer in Canada, going online and ordering through a vendor like Lierre.ca saves you time, frustration, and sometimes money.

Despite promising numbers showing stable numbers in Canada as a country, there are still communities where COVID-19 infections continue to increase. The future of coronavirus in our country remains uncertain. With an economy re-opened, it’s even more important to employ sanitizer to protect yourself and those you come into contact with.

Lierre.ca’s warehouses are fully stocked with the COVID-19 supplies you need, from medical-grade disinfectants to high-quality hand sanitizers. Supplies like these have been running surprisingly low in North America since mid-January, before coronavirus ever really hit its full potential as a virus here. It remains to be seen when production will be able to meet growing demand. In the meantime, you always have Lierre.ca. Visit today.

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