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A hand sanitizer really only needs a few ingredients to work. From a DIY perspective, you can make a clean hand sanitizer at home in less than twenty minutes with the right materials.

First off, COVID-19 recommendations require a minimum alcohol content of 60% for all hand sanitizers. If you intend to make an alcohol-free version, you can find recipes online however they’re not encouraged to be used in the fight against coronavirus.

This also doesn’t mean simply adding an alcohol beverage like vodka to a sanitizer recipe. A formulation needs to contain 70% alcohol which means you need 70% isopropyl alcohol, the closest thing there is to pure alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol is typically used for sterilization and appears as an ingredient in various lotions, skincare, and in disinfectant hand sprays. Please note that it is also toxic when ingested or absorbed through the skin and so you don’t want your sanitizer to strictly be isopropyl alcohol.

Once you have your isopropyl alcohol ready, it’s time to dilute it with other ingredients to manufacture your own personal antibacterial sanitizer. These can include aloe vera, distilled water, hydrosol, and essential oils of your choosing as long as they are safe to mix. To reduce harmful from alcohol based hand sanitizer, we recommend Divine Essence Hand Sanitizer-Ravintsara,which contains 15 organic essential oil and it is a pocket size; very practical to bring to work or in outside activities.

Unfortunately, another problem to weigh in the search for ingredients for a homemade hand sanitizer is that there’s a countrywide isopropyl alcohol shortage. Although this shortage is starting to see some resolution, it is due to stockpiling that the only places you will likely find isopropyl alcohol are likely online, overpriced at convenience stores, at some drug stores, and through medical supply chains.

If the idea of creating your own DIY hand sanitizer seems like too much work, too risky, or near impossible given the shortage of ingredients, you’re not alone. A lot of people think the same. Fortunately, hand sanitizer like Hydrapure Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer with 70% alcohol  is available online through

Hydrapure’s hand sanitizer is a reliable, highly effective anti-coronavirus product. As a skin cleanser, it kills all harmful bacteria and germs including coronavirus. It mixes isopropyl alcohol alongside purified water, cellulose gum, and Blue No.1.

Let’s just re-state that making your own hand sanitizer at home for COVID-19, alcohol is an absolutely necessary ingredient. Focusing on natural or plant-based products may not work as expected.

Furthermore, hand sanitizer with alcohol doesn’t replace the other recommendations a la quarantining if you’re sick, avoiding unnecessary travel, and most importantly using social distancing.

Whether you’ve chose to buy hand sanitizer in Canada through or make your own, employ it often. Any time you visit a healthcare facility, hospital, grocery store, or pharmacy, sanitizer’s a tool you want to bring you. To pick yours up, visit today.

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