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The trend of staying fit and healthy has recently increased tremendously. Whether you have heard or seen lemon or fruit infused water on social media, you are now very prone to seeing it on Youtube or Instagram, of your influencers sipping water in a bottle that contains a healing crystal in it. While this see-through glass bottle and its mesmerizing crystal is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and perfect for Instagram, the reason behind the invention of this bottle is that the water can inspire the energy coming from the crystal. Depending on the type of crystal, it can have different effects on you while purifying your water. The idea behind these crystals elixirs water bottle is to keep the crystals in one place so they can act as an intermediary between you and its positive energy.

Thera Crystals™ Crystal Elixir Water Bottle from in Canada

The Crystal Elixir Water Bottle is perfect for your after-yoga sessions, work and gym and could be your everyday companion as well. However, when it comes to purchasing a crystal-infused water bottle, make sure that the chosen crystal or stone is safe to be in the water. Do not choose stones that fall apart in the water such as selenite or crystals that have lead or any type of corrosive chemicals like pyrite and wulfenite. And to be extra safe, pick stones that do not erode or release any traces of poison when combined with water. We recommend crystals that are safe for the body and that purifies the water from

  • The Rose Quartz is known as the “love stone” and it sends vibrations of unconditional love and can help you to heal emotionally.
  • Clear Quartz can also be called the healing master as it can help you to restore the harmony in your life.
  • Amethyst helps with anxiety and to diminish negative energy. It also enhances your memory and heals in the alignment of the third eye.
  • Black Obsidian protects you from anything negative and attracts positive energy.


What are you waiting for? Get the crystal water bottle now and choose your favorite crystal to put it inside. Remember to show it off on Instagram too! If you cannot afford the water bottle yet, don’t worry, we also sell individual crystals that can help you go through the day positively, available our website
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