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1. Family or professional use

First, you need to be sure of the use the massage table will be used for. Thus, for professional use, it will require a table with greater stability for intensive use. We can prioritize, according to the use and needs, a more massive table or with steel tensioners connecting the legs of tables to prioritize stability. For family use, we may prefer the folding properties for easy storage or just the price, if you do not expect frequent use.

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2. Mobility: Fixed or Portable

Secondly, it must be determined if your use will require frequent transport of the table to opt for a portable if necessary. Fixed massage tables, even the most massive, usually disassemble easily enough for a move, but can not be brought with you for home treatment, for example.

3. Comparative Weight Stability

Again, for similar reasons, it makes you determine if its weight is an important factor, especially if you choose a folding table or if you need more stability.

4. Price: An economic table, at what price?

Price is certainly an important factor, but it should be in line with the specific needs of your practice. If this is not the case, a low table brand could become a weight in your daily life, since a bad tool can greatly reduce the quality of the experience for the user. Not to mention the ergonomic position, as important for the therapist! For example, if the portable massage table adjustment is long and arduous, and you are practicing different techniques with different height requirements, you may not be able to adjust the time between each patient, and that it affects your health. You must therefore evaluate a price that suits your needs perfectly, without compromising on them, otherwise you may regret the purchase of a table that is not made for you!

Lierre Plus 2014 28” Portable Massage Table in Canada -


5. Width of the table

It is important to choose a table width that will be optimal for the comfort of all patients, since it is an essential criterion allowing the longevity of the bond with each patient and the durability of your practice. It is therefore necessary to prioritize a greater width, even if it is more bulky for the transport, keeping in mind the fidelity of your patients. In addition, if you are smaller, even on a wide table, if the height is adequate, the width will not handicap you for maneuvers.


6. Thickness and quality of the foam

If the foam is thick, however, it may not be very dense, making it too soft and contributing to a non-ergonomic position of your patient. It is therefore essential to check the density in addition to the thickness. In addition, some foams (especially those imported from China) may contain environmental toxins such as CFC. Also, a high-quality foam will retain its shape as it ages.

There are still many other criteria to evaluate to choose the massage table that best suits your needs. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article to learn more about the coating, height and length, type of structure, options, table protection and maintenance, and types of adjustments. Contact us and trust one of our professionals to advise you on the purchase of your most valuable work tool!

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