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Choosing the right massage table for your clinic is a decision that’s going to define a lot about the client experience. Without a high quality massage table to support your therapies, delivering effective treatment is just not going to be possible.

Let’s start with considering the width of a massage table. Some clients will be tall, others short. There will be some wide and others narrow. The industry standard in massage table width is 30” although some tables are 28” and will work just as well. You will also want a table with a decent height to it, ensuring you aren’t placing unnecessary strain on any part of you to deliver a massage.

There’s also the weight of a massage table which can be key especially if you intend to move it now and again. If you want a lighter massage table, you may choose an aluminum frame over wood, choose a table without a lifting backrest, or go with smaller dimensions. The average carrying weight of a massage table can vary between 22 and 46 pounds.

You may also be asking yourself, in your search for a table, what massage table accessories you need. There are a number of massage oils, gels, creams, and lotions, all with their advantages. Shopping these with, you can get them natural, environmentally friendly, ethically sourced, and quality. Top brands include Bon Vital, Les Soins Corporels l’Herbier et Massoleum.

There are several common mistakes made when buying a massage table in Canada. First off, many will search for tables with a lifting backrest. You don’t need it! Second, therapists often ignore the dimensions they need and sometimes purchase tables that sacrifice length or width.

Lastly, a lot of people choose a cheap massage table and that’s never an excellent idea. Shoddily built massage tables can harm your clients or your business. You’ll eventually need a replacement table and a cheap model will end up costing you more in the long-term.

When you shop with, we don’t do ‘cheap’, ‘shoddy’, or ‘low quality’. You can buy a massage table, massage oils, and accessories all from the same place, and get it delivered to your front door without exception.

If you are just beginning a practice, an entry level table is a great way to start out your career. Unquestionably, a more professional table will work better but hey, we understand it’s all what’s in your budget. No matter what you’re searching for in your massage clinic, a practitioner can likely find all of it. Increase your client comfort and maintain a high level of professionalism with

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