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With massage sheets and linens, you want to keep the person you’re working on warm, cozy, comfortable and of course, covered. They’re necessities in a massage therapy clinic. The most durable linens and sheets have to come from a reputable name, first and foremost. Next, they have got to feel fresh, comfortable, and relaxing during the massage and provide the right feeling. Here’s what you need to know about shopping for massage therapy linens.

With massage therapy linens, consider the fabric. Cotton is quality, cool to the touch, and soft on skin. Cheaper cotton does wear out quickly however, especially without proper cleaning and sanitizing. It may need to be replaced a little more often. A lot of massage therapists choose polyester-cotton blends which comes in the form of a sheet. It’s not as soft, can be a little scratchy with lower quality sheets, and are more durable. Again, you want to make sure you choose massage linens that are high quality. Anything low quality will eventually tear apart after frequent washings.

Massage table linens

As we mentioned, massage linens need to last. Quality really does matter. A sheet has to last through cleanings. If they don’t, you’ll be re-investing in new sheets over and over adding up expenses quickly. Think about threat count. The higher the threat count, the higher the quality. Unsure about what material is best for you? Consider trying a few massage sheets and linens yourself. You may have preference into what’s most comfortable and cozy. Remember, your linens are going to be your first impression on most customers. If you want them to return, comfortable linens are a must.

You also don’t want to choose to buy too few linens. Ask yourself how they will be used and how often your linens will need to be washed. The best sheets for your massage table should be numerous. This ensures you always have something comfortable and durable to offer for a massage. If you are using a few different linens, you may even want to give your customer the option of deciding which one is best for them. This sort of choice can also help you decide what material to order in the future. Ultimately, you’ll be trying to balance quality of material with comfort and overall durability.

The most preferred massage therapy linens there is are cotton flannel. They’re very attractive for use in winter and also, comfortable in the summer when the air conditioning is on. A lot of Canadian massage therapists prefer cotton flannel by far, for all these reasons.

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