Massage tables, oils, and supplies from Canada - Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals

So you’ve just bought a new massage table and you’re wondering about the best way to set it up. No worries! We’ve got you covered. is the best seller of massage tables, supplies, covers, and more. If anyone knows what a comfy massage table is, it’s us.

Massage Tables from Canada | Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals on sale

Once you have set up your massage table, get a comfortable mat and use it as your first layer across the whole table. The second layer to use should come in the form of a heated blanket or pad. Next, you can set up your sheet, which will again spread across the entire massage table. If you have a fitted sheet, you can use that to keep the sheet in place. Other manners of keeping the sheet in place include a rope or something similar. A second layer of sheet may also sometimes be used to further tighten everything underneath it.

After you’ve completed all those steps, this means your massage table is more or less ready for some use, but not so quick! We haven’t talked about the headrest yet. Use a soft headrest cover to put over the face rest and then apply a second softer headrest cover – usually something made from cotton – to make it extra soft. That’s it! Lastly, you may also choose to use a blanket as another layer of warmth to put over your client when you’re giving a massage. This is all it takes to create a comfy massage table.

Grapeseed oil for massage supplies from | Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals


Before you begin, ask yourself, “What about your massage oil and aromatherapy?” This doesn’t necessarily apply to setting up a table, but it’s worth mentioning. Aromatherapy can really set a relaxing mood in a massage room. Whatever essential oil you use though, ensure it does not interfere with the massage oils you may be using. Have you ever tasted an over spiced piece of chicken – it’s confusing to the taste buds. A room filled with different smells is equally confusing to the brain and takes the focus away from the massage. You don’t want this to happen, so be cautious about the essential oils and aromatherapy you use.

Massage tables, oils, and supplies from Canada - Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals


Don’t forget, all of this effort is about creating an environment for the client to feel relaxed and comfortable in. You may choose to blend in certain lighting and audio elements as well. Regarding the comfort levels of a massage table, don’t stress. The more warm and cozy, the better. You will be thanked with repeat visits and a successful massage!

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