Massage bolsters cushions and support from Canada - Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Massage bolsters or supports make a great addition to any massage table or massage clinic. A massage bolster can come in the form of various support designs. This gives added comfort when it’s needed most. Sometimes it’s a headrest, other times, it is an arm rest, a table extension, or something similar. 


Massage Bolsters from | Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

In an effort to maximize client comfort and luxury, there’s a variety of products you can use. Bolsters and cushions come in several different forms, designs, and colors. They can also work to protect your massage table, which can increase its lifespan. Regardless of what you find to equip your table, we can almost guarantee you will find something of value at Anything included in our catalog has been personally chosen based off quality and effectiveness.

When you’re looking for a massage bolster or cushion, you definitely need something that is comfortable. You want the client to feel at ease in your environment as they’re enjoying a massage or a physical therapy session. If a massage bolster or cushion is not comfy, toss it! Next, you want something that’s built well. Chances are, comfort and design go hand-in-hand, but in case it’s unclear, you don’t want something that’s going to break, tear, or need replacing 3-6 months later. You want massage table supports, cushions, and bolsters to last for repeated use.

Fluffy bolster from for massage supplies - Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals


There are of course other aspects in selecting massage table supports to consider, including compatibility. Is your support or bolster actually going to work with your massage table or do you need a brand new table? Granted, sells a variety of massage tables, so if you need a new table, you can absolutely find it there. That being said, we don’t want anyone to be disappointed with the purchase of a support that one struggles to attach to their table.

Being a massage therapist, offering a professional service is key. A bare-bones massage office does not get a client excited to come in. You don’t need to have many luxurious elements but having some additional supports go a long way in making someone feel comfortable and less anxious. Especially among first-time clients of massage therapists, studies have shown that supports, bolsters, and simple accessories can communicate trust and professionalism. 

Massage bolster from Canada | Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals


How to find the best massage cushions is to shop at Browse accessories like armrests, side arm rests, massage table armrest slings, table extensions, memory foam cushion, paper roll holders, a massage table warmer, Earthlite flex-rest cradle, standard face cushion, portable shelves, soft foam headrest cushions, and more. is having a Black Friday Sale on November 29, liquidating items up to 80% off! Get everything you need for less!

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