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Here is top must-have clinical supplies in Canada. In fact, every medical practitioner has a medical setting in which they practice. They require certain clinical supplies to accomplish their tasks. They’re all available in bulk from, where you can order and re-order with ease when you need it most.

Biohazard self-sealing bags

When you’re working with needles and other biohazards, you must have safe and hygienic waste disposal methods. A biohazard self-sealing bag provides that. For non-sharp medical samples or laboratory samples, here is a way to isolate specimen and attach documentation in the rear for transportation. Open and close, it’s a re-sealable bag!

 Shop clinical supplies for medical offices and clinics in canada at

Disposable headrest covers

For massage therapists and TCM practitioners, disposable headrest covers are meant to suit a massage table. From, these disposable headrest covers will come clean and ready in packs of 100 each. They can be retrieved conveniently and for quick use. They are disposable, so laundry is not needed. This makes the service to your clients so simple.

 Shop clinical supplies for medical offices and clinics in canada at

Examination paper

Examination table paper comes in rolls and is easy to install at the end of your medical table. Keep your practice hygienic with a single movement, because it is ready to be rolled out. You won’t have to worry about your table being covered in sweat, oil, or dandruff. It slides easy and effortless to remove.

Disposable paper sheets

Lightweight and comfortable, the application of disposable paper sheets on the examination table will keep your equipment free from any discharge or oils, and also protect patients from cross-contamination of bacteria or viruses. Soft and absorbent, these paper sheets are more comfortable than traditional synthetic table sheets.

Medical disinfectants has a long list of branded medical disinfectants that will keep your clinics safe, hygienic, and bacteria-free. Medical disinfectants include hand antiseptics, chair disinfectant, detergent, bio-citridial, foam soap, surface disinfectant cleaner wipes, antibacterial, isopropyl alcohol, stanhexidine, and more.

 Shop clinical supplies for medical offices and clinics in canada at

Cotton balls

Who doesn’t love the classic medical-grade cotton balls? This is one of several medical clinic essentials and perfect for clean-up. A medium-sized cotton ball bag contains 2,000 cotton balls and will last for months. All made from 100% USP purified cotton, they are basic but there is a reason they have been used for decades. They work. Grab yours.

These are just a few of the clinical supplies required in medical offices and clinics in Canada. Choose what you need, purchase in bulk, and order from You will be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to re-order and replenish inventory. Across Canada, we’ve already helped hundreds. Join us and make your inventory supplies management ordering easy.

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