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Are you interested in starting a medical office or clinic? It could be a physician’s office in Ontario, or a clinic with therapies like chiropractic, acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, or other types of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) Certainly, all these practices require certain clinical supplies.

Where to buy the best medical supplies in Canada is at We are Canada’s ultimate source for medical clinical supplies including disposable clinic supplies, accessories, and medical-grade disinfectants. Here is just a preview of what you will find in the Lierre’s catalogue and what a renown medical clinic would use.

Vinyl exam gloves

If you’re doing close body examinations or have this level of close contact, you may prefer to use vinyl exam gloves.  The format of 100 gloves per box from is perfect for a clinical setting. Patients with a latex allergy also won’t worry. These are perfectly suitable for all. These are also ambidextrous, are not made from natural rubber latex protein, have a high puncture, and tear resistance to them.

shop clinic supplies vinyl exam gloves

Hand towels

As wonderful as disposables are at minimizing the amount of laundry you need to get done, sustainability from an environmental standpoint needs to be questioned. You’re creating less waste using something like hand towels. Even though they seem boring, dull and standard, they are essential. They are small which means you can use fresh ones again and again, filling up a hamper as you go through. They’re perfect for spas and other healthcare settings, made from pure cotton and polyester.

Medical disinfectants

The contact to germs, bacteria, viruses, and the possibility of spreading illness through patient is not something to ignore. There are dozens of medical disinfectants you can use, in different situations and circumstances to keep you, your equipment, and your patients free from sickness transfer.

Clinic accessories

There is a wide array of medical clinic accessories every practice needs to run its day to day smoothly. Choose from disposal sheets for table to instrument trays, forceps, cotton ball jar, alcohol dispensers, towels, liquid warmers, needle collectors, utility carts, and more. With products like these, you can keep your clinic supplies organized and ready to pull from when you need them.

Utility carts

Another medical clinic supply to keep on-hand is a utility cart on wheels. For easy cleaning and maintenance, or when you need to have your tools at various areas across the room, a utility cart is really useful.

shop clinic supplies utility cart on wheels

From, there are hundreds more medical supplies, clinic supplies, and products and accessories to choose from. Make your office your own. If you’re starting a practice, the equipment and inventory you set yourself up with counts for a lot in terms of communicating a tone to your clients. Visit today for more info on how to order.

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