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Massages are given for a wide variety of reasons, some to cure pain and others to relax. A lot of modalities exist in the world of massages but what all of them have in common is the use of massage oils, creams, and gels. But what’s the best massage oil to use? Well, a lot relies on whether it’s a heavy oil or light oil. Arguably, what’s more important is the smell as well. The impact an essential oil can have is significant to the experience of receiving a massage. Here are the most common massage oil.


Bergamot is a great quality essential massage oil known to help alleviate pain, relieve stress, aid in digestion, and fight infection. Bergamot has antibacterial and antibiotic properties which eliminates the growth of bacteria and helps strengthen the immune system.


Coconut is one of the most requested and recommended massage oils there is. Using coconut, therapist’s can get deeper in and acquire better traction. Coconut is well known to provide assistance in helping to heal muscle spasms and to soothe inflamed muscles.

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Almond massage oil can be mixed with other essential oils although this is up to the massage therapist. Almond will help to moisturize the skin first and foremost, and also has antifungal properties. It’s a perfect oil for massage therapy.


Grapeseed has grown in popularity in the past couple decades as a massage oil, known for vitamin E and its omega-6 fatty acid content. Using grapeseed massage oil, it can minimize signs of aging and battle free radicals in the body. Needless to say, it’s a very healthy oil to use.


Sunflower massage oil is an underrated choice but it’s got a lot of absolutely amazing health benefits and will do a lot to protect your skin. Using sunflower oil protects against bacteria, can soothe irritated or inflamed skin, eases calloused or rough skin, and will even prevent acne breakouts. Light and non-greasy, sunflower oil’s an option that should get a lot more attention.


What! Most people use canola as a cooking oil! Are you telling me you can use canola as a massage oil – yes we are. Canola’s a great oil that isn’t going to make skin problems worse, reduces signs of aging, and works smooth on the skin.

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