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As a massage therapist, there’s a lot of inventory to look at your medical office you might not be aware of. All the massage essentials for beginning are available for purchase at It’s never been easier to grab everything you need in a one-stop shop. But here is a chance. 

Massage chairs

First things first, you can’t give a massage if you don’t have a high quality massage chair. Right chairs are the ones that are built well, easily set up, and of course comfortable. Clients should feel at ease on a comfortable massage chair and the chair suggests that they’re about to get the best massage ever! The way to give your client the best massage therapy experience starts here.

Massage pillows and bolsters

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When digging into massage supplies, we can’t ignore talking about pillows and boosters. These cushions are meant to help prop up specific part of the body, assisting a massage therapist to do their job at the best position and keeping the client comfortable. Excellent quality bolsters and pillows are necessities in any office or medical clinic in Canada offering massage services.

Massage sheets and covers


Another essential product for giving a best massage are massage table sheets! As we use oils and such, sheets and covers will protect your tables from getting stains. They will also make it cozy for your clients as well. A part of any office’s sterilization and cleanliness, investing in a regular supply of sheets is worth your time. Fabrics that are soft and comfortable should be sought out to create the most inviting environment.

Massage oils and balms

One of the areas that’s most friendly to customization is, of course, the massage oil you choose. These oils come in a variety of different scents, each meant for a different application. If you’re seeking to offer something for everyone, choose at least two or three different oils including a hypoallergenic variety. This will ensure that no matter who walks through your doors, you have something exactly to serve them.

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The very last massage essential on this list are massage tools. Sometimes with the kind of massage being given, you need more than what your hands, thumbs, and fingers can give. This means having to go to something like a Booster massage gun which can provide a high quality percussion massage you’re not going to get anywhere else. Definitely, these massage tools aren’t a bad thing either! They act almost like having another service you can offer and provide and free your hands and strength.  

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