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Is lotion or oil better for massage therapy? This question is probably one of the most asked questions by beginners in the massage therapy field. Normally, a massage therapist will select his product in function of the list of ingredients. The most natural components are go-to choice. Furthermore, the professional will choice the product in function of his preferences and his client's preferences. Massage oils and lotions are not the same and will not do the same effect or the skin: So, which one is the best? 

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Massage oils in Canada are known to quickly absorb in the skin. In general, the preference of oils to lotions really depend of the taste of the therapist and the client as stated earlier. Even thought, massage oils have advantages and disadvantages. For the advantage, best massage oils at will protect the skin's barrier by retaining more moisture than lotions. Also, natural massage oils will not clog pores and cause breakouts. Thus, oil glides easier on the skin than lotions. Finally, oil warms up better than lotions, so it can get warmed up before applying it to skin. On the side of the disadvantages, we can state oil is slippery. If you drop oil on the floor, you may slip on it. Moreover, some clients could feel oil texture is too greasy. At, we offer a wide range of natural massage oils at competitive price, both scented and unscented. You just have to find the one that suit you perfectly.

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Massage therapists are mostly very picky about the products they choose, avoiding chemicals ingredients. At, we sell eco-friendly and vegan massage lotions in Canada. Again, the choice of lotions or any other product will depend of the preference of professional and his clients. Concerning the advantage of choosing a lotion, it will penetrates the skin faster and provides hydration and softness. Many people feel lotions make their skin look younger.  Lotions often have vitamins and compounds into it such as vitamin D and E, aloe vera, shea butter, and more. These ingredients can heal skin conditions and repair damaged skin. On the other side, lotions are more likely to carry synthetic chemicals. Due to the format lotions come in, it can be attached to a holster. Finally, lotion is cold when applied to skin, some clients may not like this feeling. At this point, it will be the choice of the practitioner and his client. At, we offer many different types of lotions that can please the pickiest consumer. 

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To conclude, it is better to avoid scented oils and lotions, because some clients are sensitive to smells and components, so the wrong product could ruin their massage treatment. The best solution is to ask your client his preferences prior to the massage. However, at, you will find a wide range of different types of the best quality of massage oils and massage lotions. Our products are the most natural on the Canadian market at affordable prices. To learn more about it, visit our website or our Blog.

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