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There are many companies that sell massage gels in Canada. Professional massage therapist are seeking the best quality in massage supplies to treat their client. The two most important criteria for massage gels, creams, oils or lotions is to be natural and hydrating. In this blog, you will learn more about the advantages and the benefits of massage gels. 

What is massage gel?

Massage gel ingredients are great for many massage techniques. Gels are mostly a water-based lubricant. Because of this factor, they will not moisturize your skin as much as others products. However, massage gel recipes create the best glide effect in order to do a long and flowing massage treatment. This characteristic increase the cost-effective quality of the product. Moreover, due to the glide, it helps to do sportive massage therapy. 

Advantages of Massage Gels

Body massage gels are perfect for hairy clients and the ones with dry skin. In fact, it does not leave an oily texture on the skin and it will not stain sheets. The glide effect that gels for massage give is ideal for deep tissue work, sports massage, and other massage for loosen tight muscles. The texture of gels will create friction and heat on the muscle in order to target more specific areas or muscle groups. Similar to the effect of lotions on the skin, it will cool down on muscle more quickly than other massage supplies. Finally, gels are known to leave less residue on the client as well as on the massage sheets as stated earlier. Everything said, the choice of gels or another product goes in accordance with the preference of the clients and the practitioner. 

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Disadvantages of Massage Gels

To begin, gels are not ideal for relaxing massage such as Swedish one. In fact, the practitioner that use gel for massage will give a more therapeutic than relaxing massage treatment. Furthermore, gels are also difficult to get with scent because essential oils do not mix well with water-based ingredients. If it is not essential oils, scented gel must be made of artificial scent that could dry up the skin or create allergic reaction to clients that have sensitive skin. Massage therapists encourage their customer to select another type of products if they desire a customize scent. Lastly, gels are known to be less natural than oils or other massage supplies. We suggest to also verify the list of ingredients of gel to make sure there are no ingredients that could harm customers or the professional by drying up the skin or creating allergic reactions. 

The choice of massage supplies in Canada can be difficult when we start to compare the overall quality of products and their difference of price. In case of doubt, choose for the best quality of massage supplies in the Canadian market with the most affordable prices. Shop now at or consult our Blog for more information.  

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