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A massage therapist relies on a lot of different massage supplies to allow them to perform to their potential. As a professional, to an extent, you can only be so good at what you do working with less than adequate supplies. For this reason, we’re highlighting some necessary massage oils and massage therapy accessories that are worth checking out from, a Canadian-based supplier of medical office supplies, clinic supplies, and massage supplies.

Massage linens

One of the most underrated categories of massage supplies are the linens, sheets, and pillowcases. These things are what makes a massage table so comfortable and cozy. Without them, you’re really going for a ‘bare bones’ sort of experience and no one wants that. Clients come to be pampered! Have washed, clean, and high quality linens, sheets, and pillowcases folded and ready to be used.

Massage tables

You can’t give a massage without the massage table. Though there are cheaper options available, beware. A cheap massage table can pose safety hazards or just generally be uncomfortable to work with. You want a decent quality massage table at least which you can dress up with the appropriate accessories to really make a client’s experience something special.

Massage oils

Massage oils, gels, creams, and lotions dictate so much about the quality of a massage. Many people will not want to return to a massage with someone who’s using an oil or cream that does not have an appealing smell. Always be stocked beforehand with at least a few choices, ask preferences and if the client has any allergies, and be generous with how much you use. The quality of the experience will speak for itself, suggesting return visits and better client retention.

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Bolsters and pillows

Some clients aren’t comfortable lying down on a massage table and/or experience a lot of discomfort. When you need to adjust a person’s position, bolsters and pillows can be used to adjust a person’s body. Bolsters and pillows can be put underneath the head, neck, or legs. No list of massage therapy accessories is complete without bolsters and pillows which can be a necessity in treating conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other forms of chronic pain.

Other massage tools

If you want to give more than just your everyday regular massage, there’s no shortage of other massage tools you can purchase and pull from. There are acupressure ring, anti-cellulite rollers, percussion massagers, trigger point massagers, spiky massage roller sticks, and more.

These are the basic massage supplies we believe any professional massager will want to have their office equipped with. By having the basic necessities, you ensure you don’t compromise your performance nor the experience of a client coming to visit you for the first time. Shop them all and more at

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