5 Ways to Start a Self Care Morning Routine from Lierre.ca Canada - New Years Resolution ideas 2020

Developing a self care morning routine is one of the best ways to ensure your day starts off right. Whether it’s your New Year’s resolution, or you just want to create a habit of starting off your mornings relaxed and focused, this blog post will give you 5 simple steps on how you can create a self care morning routine.

1. Set a Time

Many of us tend to not give ourselves time for ourselves, especially in the morning. We all rush to get out of the house to go to work, but getting up earlier can help keep you energized and focused all day long. Choosing what time/how much earlier you want to wake up in the morning will subconsciously prepare you and help you feel more productive with you day. For example, if you say you want to wake up at 6 am to give yourself a Gua Sha facial every morning, then your mind will know you have a plan and will wake itself up. In addition, giving yourself a Gua Sha facial can help release tension you may be holding in your face and improve your sinuses. It’s a win win. 

Crystal Gua Sha facial tools for self care routine from Lierre.ca Canada - New Years Resolution Guide 2020


2. Plan Out a Schedule

Besides setting a time to waking up earlier, it is also important to plan out everything else you will be doing the rest of the day and/or week. If you plan on practicing some yoga at the end of the day and then trying to get to sleep earlier, write it down! Writing things down and making a schedule can make you reach your goals and remember them. Did you know that “People who vividly describe their goals are 1.2-1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals”? (Murphy, 2018). 

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3. Pick Your Products

The best way to wake up and start getting things done is to have everything laid out the night before. Want to wake up and exercise? Get your Ab wheel or fitness foam roller ready the night before? Need to pack your lunch without any waste? Use your Abeego Beeswax food wrap to keep your food alive. Looking for a natural cleanser and moisturizer to use each morning? Get your Sukin facial cleanser and start using it every morning! Once you’ve got your products, you’re halfway there to achieving your goals.


Abeego reusable Beeswax Food wrap for self care routine from Lierre.ca Canada - New Years Resolution Guide 2020


4. Keep it Simple

Although it may seem intimidating to do so many things in one day, keep it simple! If you feel overwhelmed to be doing so many tasks, cut it down to 1-3 things, then slowly start increasing it once you feel comfortable. For example, drinking enough water in a reusable crystal bottle every day can be a simple self care activity you can do to improve your energy. You will be amazed at the amount of things your body can do for you. This is why it is so important to plan out days to give yourself a well deserved self care routine.


5. Invite Others to Join You

If you don’t want to partake in this self care routine alone, tell your friends and family to do it with you! You can message them each morning to make sure they are taking time to do things they deserve and pamper themselves. Whether it’s using their favourite crystal roller, using an anti-cellulite set, or burning some incense while doing yoga. Our bodies are our homes, and we must learn to take care of them properly.

Incense for self care routine from Lierre.ca Canada - New Years Resolution Guide 2020

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