Creative Ways to Recycle and Reuse Your Yoga Mat

There are so many opportunities in life to live a little greener.

You may not think your yoga mat to be one, however, recycling and reusing an old yoga mat is incredibly beneficial to the environment. There’s no need to simply chuck it out.

Though there are more eco-friendly yoga mats – such as cork yoga mats – most yoga mats are often made of difficult to recycle materials. Here are some great ways to reuse those old yoga mats.

Animal Shelters

Animals shelters are always in need of more supplies. A used yoga mat can serve as excellent bedding for a dog or cat. You can donate your used mat to an animal shelter to help the animals there stay warm, comfortable, and well-rested as they wait for adoption.

Pass It On

 Depending on just how worn your yoga mat is, someone new and inexperienced to yoga might enjoy it. This could be the last little push it takes for a hesitant person to finally give yoga a try. You can dispose of your mat responsibly while spreading the joy that is yoga to your friends and family.


Many campers use purpose-made sleeping pads underneath their sleeping bags. These even out the ground and prevent the sleeper from feeling and rocks or roots sticking up. Yoga mats are essentially the same as these pads and can give you much-needed comfort through the night.

Child-Proof Flooring

The interlocking foam tiles that parents use for their children’s bedroom or playroom floors have become one of the most famous child safety products. A used yoga mat can work just as well, providing the same soft, safe, and easily cleanable surface for your little ones to play on.

Flowerpot Coasters

Indoor plant lovers are no strangers to the mess caused by water leaking through pots. Yoga mats are absorbent enough to serve as a protective layer underneath flowerpots. They can be easily cut into smaller pieces for pots of any size, and a single mat could supply coasters for dozens.

Protect Your Floors

Yoga enthusiasts often enjoy other forms of exercise in their home. Old yoga mats are perfect for placing underneath treadmills, exercise bikes, or ellipticals. The constant rhythmic motion of exercise can cause these machines to shift, scratching floors. A used yoga mat prevents this.


Hours spent working in the garden can be rough on your knees, not to mention dirty. An old yoga mat makes a perfect kneeling pad. They’re large enough to allow for extra mobility over the smaller pads that garden centers sell.

These are just a few of the potential uses of old yoga mats. There are undoubtedly countless others, and with a little creativity, you should be able to find these opportunities in your locality. For environmentally-friendly cork yoga mats and other home fitness products, visit , there are numerously great fitness products that waiting to be discovered.

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