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Holiday Gift Guide are all over the internet during Holiday season. Even though we are bombarded by ideas, we are always seeking the most original gift to offer to our loved ones. Sometimes, it is better to offer something that will be useful to the person and that the person will actually needs.In this blog, I will present you  a holiday gift ideas for fitness lovers. 

Booster X2 Percussion Massage Gun

Have you ever felt so sore after a hard training that you did not have the motivation to go the gym the day after? Me too! Now, you do not have to worry anymore with the Booster massage gun. The massage gun is providing a method called percussion therapy. This therapy reaches and treats deep muscles tissue by speeding the healing and recovery process of cramped muscle, trauma, or an injury. The booster massager gun is a lightweight and portable device that can easily fit in almost every sport bags. The gun features a shock absorber with a silent brushless motor that allows the most comfortable experience. Equipped with 5 different speeds and strength variations, you can adjust the pressure applied to maximum your comfort. The massage gun comes with four interchangeable head attachments.It is better to consult a doctor prior to the usage of the gun of you have any special health condition. 

Fitness Resistance Band

Ever wished to do hard full body workout at home? Or just to be more flexible? It is now possible with fitness resistance bands. These fitness bands can be used before, during or after your workout. You can also use these bands for yoga sessions or massage therapy. This set contains 3 different bands with different resistances, from low to high. It is the perfect gift to offer to someone you love to workout at home, or someone who need to recover from an injury. What are you waiting for? The set is only $8. It is great Christmas gift idea

Spiky Massage Roller Stick

Made of solid eco-friendly silicone gel, this spiky massage roller stick is perfect to relieve soreness, muscle tensions, reduce cellulite, and tone your skin. This massage sticks is designed with soft cushioned grip handles to allow a better control during the massage treatment. Portable and convenient, this light-weighted massage roller stick will target acupressure points, increase circulation, and relieve stress. The three silicone roller balls on the stick feature multiple nodules to smooth and tone the skin all over your body. 

Balance Cushion

This balance cushion can stimulate acupoints and reflexology zone to boost body circulation. This product is also known to improve standing, sitting, kneeling, and prone positions. Lightweight and having a wight capacity over 300lbs, this portable and easy to use inflated balance cushion is an excellent accessory for yoga, balance, meditation, or any other sport exercises. This tool is also widely used in rehabilitation to strengthen and stabilize some parts of the body.  This cushion has two different surfaces: bumps on one side, raised nubs on the other.

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