How to Use Essential Oils for Anxiety

Anxiety is everywhere this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has create tons of anxiety in homeowners, parents, persons with pre-existing health conditions, small business owners, and everyday Canadians.

Essential oils have proven to be a way to escape from this exact moment of reality and the thoughts you may be struggling with.

An all-natural way to relax your mind, there are a number of essential oils for anxiety available.

Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

If you want to know what essential oils are best for anxiety, try any of the following eight oils.

Ways to Use Essential Oils for Anxiety


The most common way to use essential oils is with aromatherapy. That is, with a diffuser.

An ultrasonic diffuser is the best diffuser, as considered by most users. An ultrasonic diffuser uses waves to break the bonds on essential oils and diffuse them into a room. The result is a scent travelling all around and surrounding you with relaxation.

This is far from the only way to use essential oils though. You can use them when doing laundry, crafting a uniquely relaxing smell to comfort you throughout the day.

Essential oils can also be used on bracelets and necklaces. By absorbing an oil into an item like this, a user can carry it around with them and always have the smell with them even in long-distance travels.

How to Choose Essential Oils

Just because it says ‘essential oil’ on it, this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a healthy oil to use.

A lot of popular marketing in this category of products uses terms like ‘pure’ and ‘medical-grade’. Unfortunately, these don’t have a universal definition to them which means they don’t really mean anything significant from a buyer’s perspective.

It’s also worth noting that essential oils aren’t regulated. There is no way to know the quality or composition of oils you are receiving and multiple studies have shown that between brands, potency can vary widely.

The best keyword we can recommend to use when searching for essential oils is ‘organic’. An organic essential oil is pure and made from aromatic plant compounds without synthetics or additives.

Of course, on top of looking for the word ‘organic’, there’s a lot to be said for a brand with a reputation for good-quality products. If you trust the brand you’re buying from and you know they’re producing high-quality essential oils, that’s a great guide.

Anxiety can very easily shut a person down. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, slow down and take in an essential oil for a few minutes. A far safer alternative than medication, find organic essential oils and more at today. Don't forget the upcoming Black Friday Deal at as well!

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