Why Clorox Wipes Are So Hard to Find

Clorox wipes have been one of 2020’s most in-demand items. They have been flying off store shelves!

Why are Clorox wipes so hard to find – the answer may seem obvious. People want them. Disinfectant wipes are effective against coronavirus. They’re also convenient to use and are disposable which means one has to buy more and more to use them.

Clorox Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Wipes(70pcs)

Go to any Walmart or shop online for them and you’ll see Clorox wipes sold out. It’s really unfortunate when so many people and facilities need them but it’s a great time for the manufacturer.

From a user perspective, we can’t get enough of Clorox even though arguably a disinfectant spray or homemade disinfectant wipe may be a better investment.

Disinfectants As An Anti-Coronavirus Tool

It’s fortunate to have so many different ways of successfully fighting and killing the novel coronavirus.

Hand sanitizers with an alcohol concentration of 70% or higher work. Washing your hands with soap works. Disinfectants also work and in high-risk environments – such as hospitals, gyms, retirement homes, etc. – they’re wholly necessary.

We’ve all seen or read of outbreaks happening in our communities. These often happen in environments where not enough disinfectants are being used and where other public health recommendations aren’t being followed.

Where Are Clorox Wipes?

Clorox still hasn’t caught up with the demand. They unlikely won’t until the pandemic is over.

Where are Clorox wipes – if you see them and you want them, we’d recommend getting them because they won’t last.

There are many issues as to why manufacturers can’t catch up, including the fact they’re the single most requested disinfectant-related item in the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we’ve seen with other manufacturers who have struggled through shutdowns, storage and distribution difficulties, and other issues in the pandemic, Clorox is no different. Fortunately, there isn’t any reliance on Clorox or any one company to save us or disinfect high-risk medical environments.

There are numerous ways to disinfect, sanitize, clean, and protect against COVID-19, with or without Clorox wipes.

What Do I Do When I Can’t Find Clorox Wipes?

Hospital-grade disinfectant has done a lot of good in our communities. While Clorox wipes are seemingly nowhere to be found, a lot of manufacturers have stepped in and have made their own disinfectants.

It’s also possible to use different forms of alcohol and home products to create your own disinfectant wipes. If you’re set on having wipes – which admittedly are very convenient – homemade wipes work just as well so long as you’re using a proper-quality disinfectant.

Alternatively, isopropyl alcohol 70% is a great purchase if you’re looking for something medical-grade.

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