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While dark circles under the eyes are physically harmless, many of us would rather do without them. Just as they are not caused by a single factor, there is no single magic bullet to getting rid of them.

People develop dark circles for a variety of reasons, and there’s a heavy genetic component; however, before trying anything drastic, addressing potential lifestyle triggers is always a good idea.

Drink more water and eat less salt .Both dehydration and salt over-consumption can lead to water retention, and to a more visibly dull skin – as well as to pouches and circles under the eyes. Changing your diet slightly might go a long way to improve your skin!

Get more – and better – rest. It’s no wonder that bags and circles under your eyes make you look tired: often, it’s because you are. Ensuring that you sleep regular, longer hours can help prevent them long and short term. Sleep quality, which can be improved by wearing ear plugs, or sleeping on a more supportive mattress and pillow, can also greatly contribute to them. While we’re on the subject of sleep, here’s another important tip: sleep with your head elevated and on your back to prevent fluids from pooling around your sinuses!

Quit smoking. Everyone knows they should do it, but no one wants to hear it. Nevertheless, smoking is plain terrible for your health, and that included your skin! Add bags and dark circles to your reasons to quit. Looking for a more natural way to quit? Consult an acupuncturist! This practice has been proven to be extremely effective in boosting rates of cessation.

Try facial cupping and massage. Facial cupping and massage has endless applications – and one of them is to reduce the appearance of dark circles and pouches under the eyes. It can accelerate lymphatic circulation and fluid drainage, which then prevents oedemas and pouches from forming. Face cupping massage also boosts blood circulation, collagen production and skin repair, which then also has a positive effect on dark circles.

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Try jade or rose quartz rollers. Rollers are particularly good at relieving swelling, since they have a cooling and relaxing effect on the skin. They can also boost blood and lymph circulation, much like face massage. A huge plus: they feel incredible!

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