Here are the Common Quora Anti-Wrinkle Questions - Secret Strips Will be your Ultimate Solution

Anti wrinkles tips are probably most debatable and discussion topics that you can find on place like Quora, reddit and even answer yahoo. Because the massive inquiries that we received from this subject, today, we are going to talk about all the wrinkles treatment and prevention question that we found at Quora with proper answer.

Common questions about anti wrinkles:

Q: What is the best, most natural methods to get rid of wrinkles?

A: To answer your question, it is always to keep in mind that:

  1. You CANNOT completely get rid of wrinkles
  2. Understand the cause of wrinkles can lead better prevention

It is always good to understand that wrinkles are caused when your collagen tissues break down because of environmental triggers such as “sunbearn”, “smoking” or other factors cause by medicine, because the of loosen of collagen under the surface of your skin connecting tissues, your skin will lack of elasticity and thus the skin will droop, and that is why we have wrinkles, having wrinkles is basically a results and it's not something you can grow and remove just like pimples.

To reduce or prevent the wrinkles, my advise will be 1) avoid sun damage 2) maintain sufficient hydration to your skin. Since most of the wrinkles occurs while your skin is hydrate which leads the break down of collagen concentration under the surface of skin, that is why lots of anti winkles products contain hyaluronic acid, which is used to assist your skin to attract / preserve  the water molecule. As long as you are using natural ingredient to maintain moisture levels, you will be fine, there are lot of skincare products contain artificial aroma, you will have to watch out these type of products.

Q: When should I start to use anti-wrinkle creams and which types of anti wrinkles cream as you suggest?

A: There are no specific rules in what age you will need to use anti wrinkles products, the reason is very simple because each person is different and so does their behaviours, skin conditions, environments and other factors. Statistically, if you compare a person who constantly expose themselves under the sun, each people will have much higher chance to get wrinkles more than the people who spend most of the time indoor. The sunburn is one of the TOP reason to cause wrinkles.

Regard to what type of anti wrinkles products, I will strongly suggest you the “secret strips anti wrinkles masks”, the ingredients are made with natural compounds, it uses the advance technology which refer to micro crystalline gel, which greatly enhance your moisture absorption, the good about this product is- it contains facial patch which tailor to different area of the faces, and in the last, this product contain the hyaluronic acid serum so you do not even need to spend extra to buy it, it’s basically an all-in-one packages. Other than their hyaluronic acid compound, the products use other oxidants such as grape and aloe leaf extracts, which are completely safe to put on your skin without worrying about allergies or irritations.

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Q: What's the missing ingredient in women's anti-wrinkle products?

A: As I mentioned from the previous questions, most of the anti wrinkles cream, patch or strips contain the HA (hyaluronic acid) to enhance the body moisture attraction, moreover,  some over-the-counter-skincare products contain substances are listed as follow:

Retinoids: This is mostly used to prevent uneven pigmentation and wrinkles
Alpha hydroxy acid: We often called this the “fruit acid”, quite safe while apply to skins
Antioxidants: Substances such as vitamin A, C, E, it prevent sun protection, wrinkles and help skin rejuvenation
Moisturizers: It make skin temperately looks less prominent, but this does not make the line go away
Deeper peels: These peel such as phenol, salicyclic acid, TCA to penetration somewhat deeper into the skin to smoothing the fine lines


In the early we discuss about what is the cause of wrinkles and how to prevent it,  with a better understanding about the actual science behind that, it will be easier to prevent such thing happen in early ages. As we all know that your skin cell elasticity and regeneration speed won’t last forever, same thing does the moisture absorption as well as collagen levels. it is always good to have early stage prevention, maintaining good hydration, avoid the sun and use the products such as the secret strips anti wrinkles patches are keys. I am sure such practices no matter what ages you are, and whether you are male and females, these practices will always be effective for combating aging problems.

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