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Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect. To help kill coronavirus, using disinfectants often and according to instruction is key.

Lysol and Clorox are two of the biggest brands in the disinfectant game but there are several others. How you use your disinfectants and where will be what protects your household from COVID-19.

Common touch-points are where to start. Using a disinfectant spray, go after things like countertops, handles, door knobs, light switches, and other places you know are getting touched every day.

A great disinfectant to use for this is the Opti-Cide3 Healthcare Grade Disinfectant Cleaner Surface Sprayer 710ml. opti-cide3-disinfectant-surface-cleaner-spray-710ml-lierre-caIt’s a disinfectant that is a bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, and tuberculocidal. Consider it the best spray in this category.

Those aren’t the only places to go when you want to minimize your exposure to COVID-19. Disinfectant wipes work well because they’re convenient but they’re expensive. Using paper towel and your best antibacterial spray, you instantly create your own wipe. Do this and use it where you can in the home.

The technique of using the best disinfectant spray is to spray it, wipe it down, and allow it to dry. Disinfectants require time to kill bacteria. If you wipe it away too quickly, it’s not going to do the job you think it will. That’s the sad truth about using disinfectant sprays – most people don’t use them correctly.

You will also want to use disinfectant sprays to tackle things that can’t be wiped down. This accounts for furniture and carpets. There are germs and bacteria living in these areas. Spray in a sweeping motion across these surfaces. Let it completely dry before sitting back down on the couch or walking across the carpet.

When you’re cleaning hard floors, you don’t need an air sanitizer spray or antibacterial spray. Instead, use a bleach and water mixture.

Take 1 cup of bleach and mix in 5 gallons of water. The result of this is how you can mop and kill COVID-19 on your floors and any other applicable surfaces. Any hard, nonporous areas can generally be tackled with this strategy, although you may want to verify it is safe to do so if you’re concerned about damage or surface fading.

If you have hardwood flooring, this is porous. A disinfectant spray or bleach-and-water can, unfortunately, remove the top coating of stain color. For this reason, you will want to use a combination of vinegar and water. Although we are still learning about the virus, vinegar and water does not kill coronavirus as far as we know. This evidently makes it difficult to clean hardwood flooring in a safe, non-damaging way.

Other unexpected things you may want to use an air sanitizer spray or antibacterial spray on includes your computer keyboard and mouse, the TV remote, any frequently used electronics, and your wallet as well as debit card.

You can find many medical disinfectants from, including Opti-Cide3, Divine Essence hand sanitizer, GermiCide3, GermXtra Surface Disinfectant 4L, IC-GEL, Genie Plus, Covidien, 3M surface disinfectant cleaner wipes, and more.

Lastly, you may want to take your best disinfectant spray and use it in the car. Spray some on paper towel and wipe down car door handles, controls inside, your keys, steering wheel, gear shift, seats, buttons, knobs, console, and cup holders.

When you’re going to the grocery store, there’s always a risk you could pick up the virus there. Should this happen, you will spread it across anything you touch in your vehicle. By using a disinfectant spray on touch-points like these, you’re killing the virus everywhere.

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