Reducing puffy eyes in the morning from Canada

Swelling and puffiness around the eyes in the morning is very common. For a lot of people, it’s just a part of waking up. The puffy eyes you get though can sometimes take a long time to spruce up for the day ahead. If you’re looking for all-natural ways to reduce eye bags and any related puffiness, here are some remedies to remember.

Silicone Cupping sets for anti wrinkle anti-inflammation for puffy eyes Canada


Apply Cold

A cold compress reduces swelling and puffiness although this is temporary in nature. Take a washcloth, wet it with cold water, and sit in bed while it sits under and around your eyes for a few minutes. You may want to apply some gentle pressure. Just like that, you can reduce puffy eyes.

Cucumber or Tea Bags

Another all-natural way to reduce wrinkles around the eyes or puffiness is through cucumber slices. Cut two quarter-inch cucumber slices and set them up around the eye. Leave them there for a little bit and see the difference it makes. Caffeinated tea bags work similarly, to help increase circulation which is what it’s all about.

Blood Flow

One recommended way to increase blood flow which is known to resolve eye puffiness is facial cupping. Akin to a face massage, this stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage which essentially trains your skin to behave better. In time you’ll find that you may not be waking up so much with puffy eyes in the morning.

Eye massage

With a silicone cupping set, you can work pressure points on the face and gently increase circulation without any risk or chemicals involved. It will drain inflamed area, help fluid move out and across the face, and will ultimately help give your face a little workout.

Facial Silicone Cupping sets for anti wrinkle anti-inflammation for puffy eyes Canada


A little background on facial cupping

There are many types of facial cups, with a jade soft cupping set being one of them. Taken from ancient Chinese medicine, cupping sits cups directly on the skin which helps to naturally relieve tension. Some have even found cupping helps with sinus congestion and headaches. Beyond softening puffiness, you’ll also find mini eye cupping to be helpful with fine lines, wrinkles, stimulating collagen, and with moisturizer absorption.

This is all about stimulating the skin from deep beneath the surface. It is the belief that through stimulating this area, the skin strengthens and issues like eye puffiness are resolved. Connective tissue beneath the face’s surface skin is made up primary of collagen. It’s collagen which gives our skin its firmness and elasticity. As this is reduced, so is our skin’s bounce. This happens around the eyes and elsewhere on the face. Combined with the swelling or darkness around the eyes and it goes without saying but it’s not a good look at all! Start on a treatment plan with facial cupping ready at your disposal.

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