Difference between Jade and Rose Quartz Roller Lierre Canada

Jade or rose quartz, which crystal is better for a facial roller? This is a personal question with a personal answer. Facial rollers are the newest trend in beauty care and facial massage.

Facial rolling is the act of rolling a stone strategically across your face using an apparatus akin to a small paint roller. Jade or rose quartz are the two most popular crystals used on facial rollers. It might seem a little weird to roll a stone back and forth across your face, but the benefits of facial rollers are very real. These include:

  • Lymphatic drainage,
  • Tightening the skin,
  • Toning up,
  • Reducing puffiness, and
  • Detoxification.


Jade is an absolutely beautiful stone and chosen by many for their crystal facial roller. Jade’s place in skin care dates back to ancient Chinese history. Naturally cool to the touch, it’s a refreshing massage experience using jade. The crystal has been used for centuries to protect from harm and promote natural healing. Jade is known to help achieve a sense of calmness, to balance energy, enhance positivity, stabilize inner emotions, and promote clear thinking and insights.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz dates back to the days of Cleopatra. It is believed she used to bathe herself in pieces of rose quartz to help protect against aging and heal herself naturally. The soft pink of rose quartz is instantly recognizable, helping to guide energy, and promote love and acceptance within yourself and towards others. Rose quartz is considered the ‘Heart Stone’ and symbolizes unconditional love, attracting and receiving love, forgiveness, the restoration of trust and harmony, and the inspiration of beauty.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller - Thera Crystals™ Lierre Canada

Jade rollers v. rose quartz rollers

Which stone you choose to use for your facial roller depends on what you’re looking to attract. Jade is a more calming, balancing stone that’s used to relieve anxiety and promote positivity, whereas rose quartz is all about finding love, opening up the heart to the Earth’s energies, and works wonders at massaging delicate skin. Each stone works similarly but differently. Some customers choose to purchase both jade and rose quartz, to receive benefits from both. If you believe in the healing power of the stone, there’s a lot of benefit to be gained from switching between on occasion.

What we recommend is listening to your body and knowing what the intention is, to choose based on what you discover you need in yourself. Shop at Lierre.ca for both jade and rose quartz facial rollers.

Take the first step of your facial massage journey with the right combination of facial rollers. See radiant, glowing skin within a matter of days. Rolling once or twice a day is all that is needed. Shop with Lierre.ca today!

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