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Secret Strips are a new category of face mask, using advance anti-wrinkle technology, serum, and a comfortable design to seemingly pull fine lines and wrinkles from the face.

Improving the texture of skin while removing years of age, slowly and surely. A lot of face masks make these claims but few actually deliver as effectively as Secret Strips. Here’s a little more information regarding how Secret Strips work and what they are made from.

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Using a water-based microcrystal and gel system, Secret Strips anti-wrinkle face masks address several signs of aging in the face. The strips themselves work hard to smooth out lines, stretching skin which also firms it.

By applying hyaluronic acid before and after application of the Secret Strips, this helps to moisturize the skin and create a stronger water barrier beneath the first few layers of skin.

How are the results so effective? This is an interesting question because these face masks are somewhat similar yet distinct from the ones you’ll find in-store. In fact, this is the first time Secret Strips have arrived in Canada.

A large part of why the Secret Strips facial patch is so effective is because of its multi-dimension lifting. Once the strips are applied to the skin, an elastic net is created. This smoothes and tightens the skin via a 3D matrix of micro-crystal fibres embedded in the strips. The micro-crystals in the net respond to the naturally elevated temperature of the skin, expanding and stretching in six different directions while activated.

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As the skin is pulled and stretched, moisture sinks into the skin where it is retained. This process repeated allows the skin’s barriers the ability to retain more moisture over time. Depending on where one hopes to apply these strips, they can be used as anti-aging eye wrinkle strips or for facial firming. They’ve also undergone extensive scientific testing, ensuring they are tailored to each facial muscle and their movements. This makes the targeting of signs of aging more simple and effective. The results have to be seen to be believed. All new to Canada, the only place to find this anti-aging serum is from Lierre.

Before consumers try the Secret Strips, a lot are skeptical. Even the skeptics are blown away though and after only a single use. No face mask works like this in how it smoothes and tightens skin. You’ll find your skin replenished and hydrated post-use, and more easily hydrated in the future.

A great benefit among some users is these strips can be left on for as long as 2 hours or even overnight after the skin is accustomed to the use of hyaluronic acid. The best face mask in Canada? Now that they’ve arrived in the Canadian market, Secret Strips just might be.

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