Zen Home Workout

Discover a healthy way to start your day

Zen Home Workout

Discover a healthy way to start the day

A Zen Home Workout 

Feel like you don’t have time to workout because of your busy life? Take some time every morning before getting ready to start your day with a little bit of fitness.Yoga is a meditative and mindful experience that also helps improve flexibility, focus and breathing patterns. Doing only 25 minutes of yoga daily can do wonders on your overall mental and physical health.

A small and simple guided morning Yoga

Pull out your yoga mat, yoga block, and yoga strap.Sit in the Padmasana or lotus position with your back straight, eyes closed, and hands resting lightly on your legs.Take deep breaths in an out and recenter your thoughts.When ready, stand up on your mat and get into position to do the sun salutation.

Cork Yoga Mat

After a Long Day or Intense Workout ...

Booster Gun x2 

The Booster is the perfect at home massage when your muscles are sore and exhausted.The booster can be used for Shin Splints, Muscle Spasms & Cramps, Muscle soreness. It is also helpful to use the Booster in conjunction with physical therapy if you experienced an injury or trauma. It’s also great for those who have 9-5 desk jobs. After all day's of sitting down, your muscles can ache and become more stiff than usual. The booster helps eliminate all of these problems through a simple therapeutic technique.The method the booster uses is: percussion therapy. It reaches and treats deep muscles tissue in a more aggressive way. The goal of percussion therapy is to speed the healing and recovery process of a cramped muscle, trauma or an injury.