Ba Zhen Wan 192 Pills

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  • Ba Zhen Wan is used for general Qi and blood tonic, especially popular among women in China.
  • It can be used to treat deficiencies of Qi and blood that cause dry hair and skin, palor and dizziness.
  • Useful to treat anemia, weakness, and irregular periods
  • Speed recovery after surgery, illness, or childbirth
  • 192 pills
  • Only available for TCM practitioner

Medicinal Ingredients : Rehmannia glutinosa (Cooked rehmannia / Rehmannie/ Root (1.67 :1, equivalent to 68.18mg) 40.9mg Angelica sinensis (liguistique) Roote(1.11:1, equivalent to 68.18mg) 61.4mg Codonoposis pilosula(Codonoposis) Root (3.34 :1 equivalent to 45.45mg) 13.6mg Poria cocos(Poria Poria) Sclerotium (3.13:1, equivalent to 45.45mg; taux d’extraction 3.13 :1, 45.45mg, équivalent t sec)14.5mg Atractylodes macrocephala (Atractylodes/Atractylic laucea) Rhizome (3.69:1 equivalent to 45.45mg;taux d’extraction 3.69:1, 45.45 mg équivalent sec) Paeonia lactifora ( white Peony/ Paeonia lactifora blanc) Root/Racine (3.58 :1, equivalent to 12.7mg; taux d’extraction 3.58 :1, 12.7mg équivalent sec) 12.7mg Ligusticum sinense( Szechuan lovage/rhizoma liqustici) Root/Racine(3.34 :1, equivalent to 34.08mg; taux d’extraction 3.34 :1, 34.08mg, équivalent sec)10.2mg Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Licore/Reglisse) Root/Racine(3.35:1, equivalent to 22.76mg; taux d’extractions 3.35 :1,22.76 mg équivalent sec) 6.8mg Non-medicinal ingredients/ Ingrédients non médicaux : Starch/ Amidon.

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Customer Reviews

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Lei Rui Na A.
Ba Zhen Wan

I order Ba Zhen Wan to have an easier recovery from an operation . So far the recovery has gone well and faster then exspected. I would recommend Ba Zhen Wan as recovery medicin especialy for repleneshing the blood.

Ba Zhen Wan 192 Pills

Ça a très bien fonctionné pour moi. Ça a régulé mon cycle et je me sens moins fatiguée.

Big improvement

I am still using these chinese pills along with the Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan pills to help me improve my anemia that was caused by my fibroid. These 2 pills have helped me reduced big chunks of blood clots during my heavy periods that are now much lighter. I have seen major improvements during these past 2 months and strongly believe that my hormones are more balanced now.
Very happy with the results so far, can’t wait for my next blood test results and hope to see a shrinking fibroid in my next my ultrasound🤞🏿.

Lesle-Ann Hine

Ba Zhen Wan 192 Pills

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