Natural Balance Clear Silicone Cupping Sets, 10 cups

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Natural Balance Silicone cups are made of medical grade silicone, a material that’s odourless, pliable, flexible, watertight and durable. These qualities ensure that silicone cups are elastic and soft, making them easy to squeeze and allowing practitioners to control the degree of suction. However, they are also thick enough to provide superior adherence.

    Except common in clinic settings, these silicone cups are perfectly suited for individual use, even with minimal training. Athletes and sports enthusiasts often place cups on the muscles targeted by their workouts as part of their wind down ritual. This thereby prevents tensions and aches in the body. Office workers will also find them effective in preventing and relieving back pain. All people from different walks of life can enjoy their ability to rejuvenate the skin by smoothing out lines and lending their skin a healthy glow.

      • Clean cups with soap at your first-time use.
      • Make sure that your skin and hands are clean and dry before the treatment. If you are using cups as a part of a skincare routine, you may choose to use non-irritating exfoliants or cleansers beforehand.
      • For non stationary cupping: apply moisturizers, lotions, creams or oils on the skin, without rubbing them in too vigorously. They will serve as lubricants: it is important that they cover the treatment area uniformly to provide an even, low friction surface.
      • Choose the right size cup for the area, press the cup to squeeze the air out and place it on the desired treatment area. It should create suction, gently lifting the skin.
      • You can adjust the cup’s suction level based on the individual’s preference. You may feel a very light pinch or a sensation of tightness, but it should not be painful: pain is an indication that you’ve squeezed the cup too hard, and you should remove the cup immediately.
      • For optimal use, try pushing out all the air from the cup, and make sure that no air enters into the cup during the treatment, as it may fall off.
      • After the treatment, thoroughly clean with soap and disinfect the cups if it’s for personal use.
      • Wash them with warm, soapy water to get rid of the residue if it is used with oil.

      For flash cupping

      Remove the cup after 5 to 10 seconds and repeat step 3 until you’ve used the cup on the majority of the surface area.

      Stationary cupping

      • Squeeze the cup and place it on the area of the body that you wish to treat.
      • Leave the cup on for 10-15 minutes. Adjust the degree of suction as needed
      • Remove if the cups become uncomfortable, or if swelling or pronounced redness occurs.

      Massage cupping

      • Apply massage oils on the treatment area, making sure to coat the skin uniformly and evenly.
      • Squeeze cups gently to create tension and glide the cup across the treatment area, moving from the furthest area towards the heart. Use large, sweeping motions.
      • Massage the area for 5-10 minutes.

      Facial Cupping

      • Choose the right size cup for the area, then squeeze it and place it on the skin.
      • Gently lift the cup by a millimetre or two, creating a tension, then slide it in even, slow motion across the treatment area. Repeat until you’ve massaged every centimeter of the area. For optimal effects, move away from the nose, with the lymphatic system, in a slight upwards arc.
      • After above, gently massage the treatment area with your hands or with a silicone brush for a few seconds, and then the treatment is over!
      • You may want to gently wash your face with water, as the cups can lift out dead skin cells from your pores; if you’ve already used a cleanser beforehand, simply pat down the excess oil or lubricant.
      • The pressure should be enough to activate some blood circulation but should not be intense enough to be uncomfortable.

      ***You may feel a very light pinch or sensation of tightness, but it should not be painful. Pain is an indication that you’ve squeezed the cup too hard and you should remove the cups immediately.



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      Great quality and impressive suction that can be easily controlled for comfort.


      Natural Balance Clear Silicone Cupping Sets, 10 cups

      Haven’t really used them yet

      I bought them in anticipation for an upcoming course. They do look nice though and shipping was fast.



      Silicone cups

      Great quality

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