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Pinch bulb, squeeze air out, apply it to the skin and release the bulb slightly to create suction. Work one side of the face at a time, repeat each step 3-5 times.
Forehead – Use flashing cupping or gliding cupping for frown lines: pinching cup to create air vacuum and place suction cup on the skin then release. Sliding cup towards upward and outward the center of forehead.
Around Eyes – Use flashing cupping with the smallest cup No.1 gently below the eyebrow, or over eye bags to make skin glow. Or leave suction cups on the exterior eyes corner, gliding upwards to eyebrows.
Face: Use gliding cupping with cup No.4 or No.3 to the side of your nostril and glide upwards and outwards across the face to the ear.
Lips: Use flash cupping techniques repeatedly with cup No. 1 or No. 2, Squeeze cup and put it on your lips from center of lips to corner of mouth. Remain cup on lips 3-5 seconds.
Chin/Jawline: Use gliding cupping technique with cup No.2 or No.3 under the chin, gliding alone the jawline upwards and outwards to jawbone.
After facial cupping you may want to gently wash your face with water, as the cups can lift out dead skin cells from your pores; if you’ve already used a cleanser beforehand, simply pat down the excess oil or lubricant.

-Relieves facial tension.
-Strengthens skin and connective tissues.
-Improves oxygen-rich blood circulation.
-Brightens skin and tightens pores.
-Minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and scars.
-Adds definition to jaw lines and cheekbones.
-Reduce puffiness.
-Clears dead skin cells and other impurities.

-Do not use on fresh cuts, bruises, or other injuries, as well as on sunburns, deep scars, rashes, or otherwise irritated or damaged skin.
-Consult a practitioner if you are interested in traditional Chinese medicine treatment; do not attempt to practice TCM on yourself without training.
-Disinfect and wash before first-time use. Keep out of reach of children.
-Cupping may cause skin discoloration and irritation. It may leave purple marks or circular bruises on the skins. These marks may begin to fade after several days or remain for two to three weeks.
-Infection is sometimes a risk after cupping.
-Cupping may also cause pain, swelling, burns, dizziness, light-headedness, fainting, sweating, skin pigmentation, water blister and/or nausea. Customers who buy cupping product should be aware of this.
-Glass cupping set should ONLY be used for their intended use. Improper use can cause discomfort and injury. Please consult your healthcare practitioners if you have health concerns and not sure if you are eligible to use cupping.
-Any damage or injury from improperly usage will not the responsibility of distributor of

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Customer Reviews

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Maxine Warsh

Love everything about cupping! Especially the way my skin glows after a treatment!

Michael Labarre
Customer review

Higher quality! Highly recommend for facial cupping massage, really good for facial lifting

Thomas Holmes
Customer review

Love this glass facial cupping, I prefer this than the plastic one.

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