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If you are a registered acupuncturist in Canada, then you must hear about Shinlin acupuncture needles. Yes! As long as you use the search term like “the best acupuncture needles”, or “ Canadian acupuncture needles”, Shinlin brand is usually the one that pop up on the top, so why is Shin lin so famous these days and how does it compare to other big brands like Carbo, Seirin, asiamed optimed and needles, let’s find out today! 

Shinlin acupuncture needles


What about the Quality for Shinlin Needles? 

First of all, the best way to judge whether the acupuncture needle has good quality is by its manufacture procedures, as you all know that acupuncture needles are something that is extremely dedicated, each single imperfection might hinder the overall quality, let’s say if a needle is crooked, even in millimeter measurement, the hook of the needle will hurt the customers while pinching into the skin, hence, this type defect production cannot be used and must be destroyed, that is why experienced manufacture one of the step to examine the product, is by using microscope to exam the needles with up to 300X zoom in, in this way, you will be able to verify which are the perfect and imperfect needles, and this is basically what acupuncturist are paying for.

Proudly speaking, Shinlin needles is one of the companies who has this technology and capabilities in term of manufacture production, and all the needles are all being examined by machine, manually and the end, we also requested some local professional acupuncturists to test our samples and give us feedback, with constant improvements and optimizations, we are able to say that our TCM needles stand on the top-notch in Canada.

Regarding to the needles style, Shinlin uses the Korean style needles, the material is made by surgical grade stainless steel, one of the amazing things is their spring handle will never be discolored , the quality is very consistent, based on the feedback that we got from acupuncture professionals, it’s very smooth in term of insertion and the most important, it’s painless!

Thank all the previous technological procedures that I introduced in the earlier paragraph regard to how are acupuncture needles being made. Last but not least, different acupuncture needle sizes have their color-coded tabs in order to avoid confusion, and yeah, our packaging is perfectly eco-friendly!

Feel free to check the previous blog that I wrote about how are Shinlin Acupuncture needles being made, it must pass through 7 steps of procedure as follow: 

  1. Raw materials
  2. Semi-finished products
  3. Twining the needles handle
  4. Semi-finished products acupuncture needles
  5. Finished product acupuncture needles
  6. Packing
  7. Disinfection

What about PRICING? 

This is one of the important things that acupuncturists or TCM professionals care about, and the question will be: are you able to pay the cheap cost but with TOP QUALITY? The answer is, it’s feasible, so far, our price has been Canada #1 lowest with this type of quality that you are getting, in order to be persuasive I actually made a comparable table in the following to show you what is will be the average marketing price range to compare with our brand.

Is Shinlin acupuncture needles legit?

 The answer is absolutely! The reason is does have in house acupuncturists with clinical services, all of the TCM supplies or acupuncture needles that we sold online, must be passed all the Health Canada regulations to be able to sell in-store. Unlike some unknown name brands from eBay or amazon that they are able to push down their prices incredibly low, the chances are you will be likely to get bad quality product at the same time you do not really have guarantee from them because they are mostly remote companies where you cannot find the source of their acupuncture needles manufacture, you are unable to verify their needle sterilization transparency and the most importantly, they probably won't have acupuncture professionals like us who are able to answer most of your question. 

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