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In the previous article we talked about our ShinLin acupuncture needles, how is it make and what are the benefits and advantages about this type of acupuncture needles, however, that is just about needles but since human have different body parts, hence, each body location will require different material as well as sizes to sound effectively treatment, today, we will talk about this topic for bit.

As we all know, ancient China might use acupuncture needles as what we have now differently, generally speaking, there were about 9 different types of needles back to the old days, today, the most popular needles are usually the stainless steel form, it also as known as thread-like filiform metal needles, other than that, there were both silver and gold needles as well.

Since treatment might be varied depending on the location of the body, that is why different gauges (diameters) and length might be required, nowadays, they use the needles vary from 0.12mm to 0.35mm, and usually the Chinese acupuncture needles is thicker needles than Japanese techniques.


Are acupuncture needles safe?

Most of the acupuncture needles are safe because it requires strict sterilization during production, however, I used the tern “most of it”, because not all the companies do this and even so, not all the manufacturer has the same standard when it comes to sterilization, that is why it is always good to only choose the manufacturer who specialized in this field for many years. Also, all the acupuncture needles will need to have cleared industry certification for both ISO as well as the to prove of Health Canada to sell it legally. Proudly speaking, our brand ShinLin acupuncture needles do meet all the requirements mentioning above, all our acupuncture needles are completely safe by using the top industry standard and we have been working with a professional acupuncturist for decades to consistently improve our product quality and consistency.


What are other specialized acupuncture needles?

Intradermal needles

Apart from stainless steel needles, there are specific types of needles such as the intradermal needles. Those needles also refer as NADA technique, usually are using by very thin and short needles on specific points from the ear, the technique is done by inserting a very shallow depth to the skin, and covered with waterproof tape, such treatment is used to treat chronic pain as well as drug addiction.

7-star needles

This type of acupuncture needles also refer as “plum blossom needles”, this is usually made by 7 filiform needles all together like a flower with a hammerhead, some type of disposable, and the other one have a detachable head so can make sure having complete sterilization. To use this needles is quite simple, just simply done by tapping it to the skin slowly and lightly at specific acupressure points.


Generally speak, acupuncture needles varies in different sizes such as for facial, ear, body, arm and legs, and which portion of body require different sizes and length, it is always a good idea to consult with our landing page to learn in which size of acupuncture needles to use if you just entered to this field. At of our needles brand including “ShinLin acupuncture” “Acu Relaxo” and “Lierre” acupuncture needles are all guaranteed to be the highest quality that you can find in Canada, at the same time, we make sure that all of our needles are at the minimum price range in Canada but at the same time does not compromise to the product quality.

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