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Not quite just a fancy face massage, the trendy gua sha massage is one of Instagram’s newest beauty trends although it relies on East Asian tradition.

Gua sha massage is an East Asian-based facial massage technique that’s in the same category as jade rollers and similar facial massaging products. Gua sha uses a tool to massage the skin, relieving tension in these muscles, moving lymphatic fluid through this part of the body, and increasing blood circulation.

What is a gua sha tool?

What might be of greatest interest is how gua sha massage activates the body’s lymphatic system. This helps to process and eliminate toxins, waste, and excess fluid from your face. This helps the cells in your face re-energize themselves and results in clearer, smoother skin. Gua sha also provides the skin cells access to essential nutrients already present in your blood supply.

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What are the benefits of Gua Sha?

If you’re unfamiliar with gua sha, all it takes it one product. This one product is then applied strategically across the face. Although many claims have been made about its benefits, what we’ve spoken about here has been studied and verified by cosmetologists and other field practitioners.

People who are already invested in regular gua sha massage also note how it boosts the skin’s elasticity, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, and provides the skin with an instant glow. Although some benefits are temporary and instant in nature, others are more long-term. By engaging in regular gua sha massage, it can really make a difference to your facial appearance.

Skin can get firmer and tighter. Saggy tissue can improve, you can have a less puffy facial appearance, muscle tension can be released, and beyond all else, it’s natural! Let’s be clear in communicating that gua sha massage is no miracle healing strategy to completely eliminate skin aging and facial wrinkles. That said, in an established skincare routine, does it help with reducing the appearance of aging and wrinkles and will it leave your skin with brighter, more youthful looking skin similar to how a moisturizer or cleanser may work – absolutely.

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Is Gua Sha effective?

Anyone can benefit from gua sha massage. The only general guideline is that, if you’ve recently had facial injections, you don’t want to apply gua sha. So avoid any areas that have been Botoxed. Also, keep in mind gua sha massage does not produce effects identical to Botox. Botulinum toxin, aka Botox, decreases facial muscle movement which is the cause of facial wrinkles. Comparative, gua sha does something completely different.

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