The Best Black Friday Gift Ideas Before Christmas

Black Friday is not far off. This means having a nice shop before Christmas, with sales and deals applied on everything from electronics to beauty care. What are some of the best Black Friday gift ideas in Canada – check it out below.


Beauty oils


Beauty oils like arnica, rosehip, jooba, argan, and avocado are all healthy essential oils to have around the house. These, alongside with some of our other favourite essential oils, make for an amazing Black Friday gift. They can be used to completely change the vibe and smell of a room.

 Skincare and Cellulite Organic Essential Oils Kit

Crystal gua sha


Like cupping sets in Canada, crystal gua sha tools are some of the most sought-after therapy resources in treating discomfort relating to pain, mobility issues, or soreness. Using gua sha, a Chinese medicine practitioner would normally scrape the skin gently drawing blood to the surface. Created from rose quartz, jade, horn, and plastic, these tools come in shapes like the wave, wing, heart, tooth, and pen, which makes it easy to use them almost anywhere on the body.


Secret Strips anti-wrinkle set


The Secret Strips anti-wrinkle facial strips with hyaluronic acid is a safe, effective skincare treatment. As a Black Friday pre-Christmas gift, these is a Singapore-originated skincare product gaining steam in Canada for its effectiveness. Like Jade Soft cupping, once you start on your journey with it, it will be very hard to give up Secret Strips down the line.

 Secret Strips Anti-Wrinkle Facial Strips with Hyaluronic Acid Skincare Set

Anti-cellulite massage roller


Cellulite’s a tough, tough thing to treat. There isn’t a pill to take, an exercise to do, or a cream to apply that’s guaranteed to get rid of cellulite. Unfortunately, it’s almost a part of aging for over 90% of the population. This isn’t to say you can’t fight it. Jade Soft anti-cellulite sets include an essential oil, silicone cups, and yes, an anti-cellulite massage roller to tackle those areas.


Percussion massage gun


For athletes in need of that extra boost on their muscle recovery and to help minimize any post-workout discomfort, a percussion massage gun is the perfect fusing of technology with functionality in self-care. It may be a little intense for non-athletes but athletes willing to handle it, using a percussion massage gun can make it easy on the arms and legs to bounce back after a particularly strenuous workout.

 Booster X2 Percussion Massage Gun for Muscle Recovery

Silicone cupping sets


Silicone cupping is an at-home treatment which can tackle hard-to-treat problems such as cellulite, increase circulation and improve health, and more. With a silicone cupping set, you ensure you don’t have to pay a practitioner or a per-session fee to receive these benefits.


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