Top Black Friday 2019 Deals Suggested by

Black Friday is serious business, as one of the best times to pick up a variety of products as prices get cut down in a big way. Black Friday’s become so popular that for some retailers, it’s a weeklong event. Kicking off the fall sales season, here are some of Canada’s best Black Friday 2019 deals from


Pain relief balms


If you’re someone struggling with arthritis pain or muscle pain, has medicated balms, pain relief topical creams, and more on Black Friday sale. Something like Wood Lock balm was perfected for use on strains and arthritic pain but can also be dabbed on the temples to touch tension headaches and/or to relax tight shoulder muscles.


Coffee body scrub


Coffee body scrub made by based is a highly indulgent full-body experience you’ll love to have. Scrubs come in all sorts of natural chemicals but to do it with coffee, it’s a whole new type of energy.

 Basd coffee body scrub with invigorating mint

Natural mineral sunscreen


A great Black Friday gift for yourself or someone with fair skin or who sunburns easily is natural mineral-based sunscreen. Make no mistake, even while it’s winter the sun is still out and risk of sunburn still permeates. Ensure you’re equipped with a high-quality sunscreen for when you need to use it.


Food patches


You may not think of how to make your feet more beautiful this Black Friday but guess what – you can! In fact, with foot patches, you can reduce puffiness in the feet, cleanse and remove excess oil and moisture, and treat dry skin underneath. These lemon wood-vinegar foot patches, on sale, is everything you need.

 Ginseng Wood-Vinegar Foot Patches

The Booster X2 massage gun


Have you heard of percussion massage guns? The Booster is the ultimate massage gun, helping athletes treat sore and tired muscles, deep tissue problems, and overuse soreness after a particularly intense workout. Lightweight and portable, this is a great Black Friday deal 2019.


Dual stability ab wheel


Sold with a knee mat, this dual stability ab wheel’s going to whip your core into shape tremendously well. All you’ve got to do is take it and roll it. Simple as that. There are tutorials, workout guides, and adaptive uses of the ab wheel which can be read or viewed online.

 Top Black Friday 2019 Deals Suggested by

Organic essential oils


The most beautiful, deep, sensuous organic essential oils in Canada are found at Something like a rosemary-camphor essential oil combination is a beautiful thing to add to the atmosphere. There are dozens of unique oils, ranging in purpose from to perk up in focus or to anaesthetize with calmness. See them all and browse them thoroughly.


Grab all these beautiful essentials from this November. Treat yourself! See the ever-growing list of deals from Canada’s own, with everything from health and beauty to acupuncture and medical facility supplies discounted.

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